Why Can't I Set My Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat to Permanent Hold?

You can't set your Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat to Permanent Hold because you are trying to do it locally. If you enroll the T6 Thermostat with a system that uses an interactive platform, such as Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com, then any Permanent Holds must be set from that platform.

Honeywell t6 pro z wave smart thermostat

The Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat normally allows you to set schedules and set Permanent Holds locally at the device itself. However, if you pair the device with a panel that uses an interactive automation platform, then you will need to set permanent holds from that platform. This is true whether you use Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com.

A Hold tells the T6 Thermostat to ignore any schedules that have been created and to keep the temperature at a set level. Holds can be temporary or permanent. A Temporary Hold will expire after after a set period (up to 12 hours), at which point the regular schedule will be resumed. A Permanent Hold will remain in effect until cancelled. You can only set a hold if a schedule has been created. Otherwise, you are just merely adjusting the set temperature.

But when you pair the T6 with an interactive automation platform like TC2 or ADC, then that platform will take control of the primary scheduling for the device. You can still adjust the temperature locally at the T6, but you will not be able to set a Permanent Hold locally at the device. If you go to edit the device from TC2 or ADC, then you will be given three (3) options. These are Normal, Temp Hold, and No Schedule.

Normal refers to the regular schedule that is set for the thermostat. Temp Hold will keep the temperature at a set level for a certain period of time. Once the temporary hold expires, the thermostat will automatically resume its regular schedule. No Schedule will turn off any scheduling for the thermostat. If you adjust the temperature, it will be the same as setting a Permanent Hold. You can always turn scheduling back on and have the thermostat resume its set schedule.

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