Why Does Alarm Grid Not Use a 5-Diamond Certified Monitoring Station?

Alarm Grid does not use a 5-Diamond certified monitoring station because we feel that our monitoring partner is the best in the industry even without the certification. Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS) has its own high-quality training regimen. They choose to not apply for 5-Diamond.

The Monitoring Association (TMA) grants 5-Diamond Certification to monitoring centers that fulfill a set of requirements and pay necessary membership fees. Criticom Monitoring Services is actually a member of TMA, but the company does not pay the membership fees to receive 5-Diamond certification. Alarm Grid chooses to remain partnered with CMS because we feel that the company is the best in the industry, even without 5-Diamond Certification.

CMS has continuously proven itself as a highly reliable monitoring center. The company has been protecting homes and businesses since 1978. It operates three distinct central monitoring stations, which are located in Florida, New Jersey and California. In the event that one center goes down or becomes unavailable, calls can be automatically rerouted to a different dispatch center. This principle of redundancy ensures that customers are always protected.

Additionally, Criticom maintains other certifications that demonstrate its top-quality service. Criticom is UL listed and therefore compliant with the strict UL-827 Standard. CMS is also a proud member of the Electronic Security Association (ESA), King Central certified and FM (Factory Mutual Insurance) approved. These designations all serve to make CMS one of the most highly respected monitoring stations in the industry.

As a way of maintaining the highest standards possible, CMS operates its own training regimen. This training program has strict requirements that can be seen in this document. We recommend reviewing the document and noting how the requirements compare with those of the 5-Diamond program.

Alarm Grid will continue to remain partnered with CMS as long as we feel they meet all the requirements as a consistent, reliable and dependable central monitoring station. We do not feel that receiving 5-Diamond certification necessarily warrants a top-quality monitoring center. Even without the certification, we are absolutely confident in saying that CMS is one of the best in he industry.

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