Why Does My System Say Not Ready To Arm?

You system says Not Ready To Arm because there is currently something preventing you from Arming the system. The message can be displayed from a panel or from an interactive platform like Total Connect 2.0. You will need to fix the issue before you will be able to Arm your system.

Honeywell l5210 lynx touch wireless security system with 4 1 sla

When you Arm your system, you are putting it into a secured state. This will change the way that the system responds when zones are faulted. Many Response Types are designed to trigger different system responses depending upon the arming state. For example, a sensor with a Perimeter Response Type will cause no system reaction if faulted while the system is Disarmed. But if that same Perimeter sensor is faulted while the system is Armed Stay or Armed Away, then an immediate alarm will occur.

The reason why a system will go into a Not Ready To Arm state is to prevent an immediate alarm from occurring when you Arm the system. For example, a faulted sensor or a sensor with an activated tamper cover would cause an alarm on the system if the issue occurred while the system was Armed. As a result, you cannot Arm a system if there is a faulted sensor or a sensor with an activated tamper cover. You must either fix the fault or tamper or bypass the sensor before you will be able to Arm the system.

If you go to Arm your system from an interactive monitoring platform like Total Connect 2.0, then there might be other reasons why you cannot Arm the system. One common reason is that the panel is currently in programming mode. You will need to exit programming before you will be able to Arm the system. Another possibility is that the system is currently in an alarm. You can successfully Arm the system after you clear the active alarm.

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