Why is Total Connect showing a wrong outside temp?

So you just wired up your Honeywell ZWStat, learned it into your LYNX Touch L5100 system and signed up for Total Connect 2.0. You even upgraded to our remote home automation monitoring plan.

You're at a cocktail party and you go to show of your fancy new remote alarm system. Don't feel guilty, we all do it.

"Check it out, I can remotely control my thermostat from this here party!"

"Wait, why is the outside temperature showing 30 degrees in Florida?"

"I don't know, maybe it's in Celsius or something."

"Then why is your thermostat's temperature in Fahrenheit"

Oops, there went all your cool points. And man, that's an observant guy you're arguing with.

So why is your Total Connect 2.0 app showing the wrong outside temperature? Well, it's probably because you never set your address in your Total Connect 2.0 location!

It's easy, so just log in to https://rs.alarmnet.com/TotalConnect2/ and go down to the Locations module below. Edit it, and set your address:

After setting your address, syncing your alarm panel and device, you'll see the correct outside temperature. No need to look like a fool at your next cocktail party.

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It's hard to say what might be off without having access to the AlarmNet account. You should contact your AlarmNet provider (CMS or whoever it's setup under) to see if they can troubleshoot for you.
Thanks for the response! Mine is a Lynx Touch 7000 monitored direct through a Criticom (CMS) account. Location is accurate in TC 2.0 online but usually just shows 70* despite it being +-. Any tips?
What system do you have and is it monitored?
My location is correct, any idea why the temp is still wrong? My street address is new (new private drive), so perhaps it is not recognized? I'd hope it would be smart enough to use the zip though..
If you ever wanted to switch to us for better support, we offer no-contract plans at https://www.alarmgrid.com/monitoring
Thanks for the great mini-tutorial! Just changed mine to show the right location and temperature. The installer only gave me the "this is how you arm, this is how you disarm" lesson and was gone. Have to figure the rest out on my own.

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