Why Is My Sonos Device Not Showing Available In Scenes Via Alarm.com?

Your Sonos device is not showing available in scenes via Alarm.com because either you have not completed the Sonos integration, or there are no favorite playlists or stations saved for your Sonos device. At least one favorite must be added to include the Sonos device in an Alarm.com scene.

The Sonos integration for Alarm.com allows you to control your Sonos Speakers from the Alarm.com Interface. However, the even greater benefit of completing the integration is that you can include your Sonos Speakers with Alarm.com smart scenes. This will allow your Sonos Speakers to activate automatically and begin playing music with predetermined security system events, such as faulting a sensor or disarming your system.

When you include your Sonos Speakers with an Alarm.com smart scene, the understanding is that the speakers will play audio from a list of favorites when the scene is activated. This list of favorites can include playlists containing different audio tracks and/or stations that play a selection of audio. But if your favorites list is empty, then there won't be any audio to play if the Sonos device is activated. Alarm.com knows this, and as such, the Alarm.com interface will not show your Sonos device when you go to build a smart scene if no favorites are added for the Sonos device in the Sonos App. You can remedy this problem by opening the Sonos App and adding at least one playlist or radio station to your Favorites List. Then reload the Alarm.com App, and try building a scene. Your Sonos device should be made available. Please note that the Favorites List may also be referred to as "My Sonos" by some publications.

Of course, you will also find that your Sonos device does not appear if you never completed the Sonos integration. You need to integrate your Sonos account with Alarm.com so that your associated Sonos devices show up in the Alarm.com interface. To do this, you must have Version 4.10.4 or higher of the Alarm.com Mobile App, as well as either an iOS device on Firmware Version 8.0 or higher, or an Android device with Firmware Version 2.1 or higher, plus the latest version of the Sonos Mobile App, as well as the latest Sonos Speaker Software. You must also have the Audio Integration Service Package Add-On applied to your Alarm.com account. You should reach out to your monitoring provider if you need to have the audio add-on applied to your Alarm.com account.

Once you meet all of these requirements, integrate your Sonos account with Alarm.com by first logging into your Alarm.com account using the mobile app. Then click the menu icon (three horizontal bars), and then press Audio. You will only see Audio if your monitoring company has applied the service package to your account. From there, choose Sonos from the dropdown menu, and press Start, followed by Continue. You will then be asked to provide your Sonos account information, including your username and password. Then press the Sign-In Button. Lastly, press Okay to confirm that you are giving Alarm.com permission to control your Sonos device. Once you do that, your Sonos account and any associated Sonos devices will appear in your Alarm.com account. You must add at least one playlist or station to your Favorites List, or My Sonos, before you will be able to include your Sonos device with Alarm.com smart scenes.

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