Will Honeywell 5800 Sensors Work on a DSC Impassa?

No, Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors will not work on a DSC Impassa. The DSC Impassa contains an integrated wireless receiver that accepts 433 MHz Sensors. The Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors operate at 345 MHz. Therefore, they will not work with the system, unless a converter is used.

There are converters that can take the 345 MHz signal and translate it into 433 MHz. This will allow Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors to be used with the DSC Impassa. One such converter that can do this is the Resolution Products RE524X. However, most users find that it is just easier to simply use 433 MHz sensors with the system. This is because a converter is just another piece of hardware that needs to be added, and a failed converter would cause the entire setup to not function properly.

The DSC legacy sensors are reliable sensors that operate at 433 MHz. They will readily work with the DSC Impassa, with no converter being needed. These sensors are easy to program, and DSC legacy series offers a device for every type of purpose. We generally encourage users to just use these sensors instead of a converter with 5800 Series Sensors. The converter route is usually only easier if a user has a large number of 5800 Series Sensors.

It is important to distinguish between the legacy DSC 433 MHz Sensors and the DSC PowerG Sensors. The PowerG Sensors operate at 915 MHz, and they will not work with the DSC Impassa. Although the PowerG Sensors are also manufactured by DSC, they are generally much more advanced than the legacy DSC sensors. Additionally, there is currently no way to convert the 915 MHz signal from the PowerG Sensors to the 433 MHz signal that will work with the DSC Impassa. Please keep this in mind when purchasing sensors for a DSC Impassa.

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