Will Total Connect 2.0 Work on a Lyric Gateway?

Yes, Total Connect 2.0 will work on a Lyric Gateway.

Total Connect 2.0 is a web based remote control app for use with compatible Honeywell panels. The program can be accessed through a web connected internet browser or via the free downloadable app. The app is named “Total Connect 2.0” and can be found in the iOS and Google Play stores.

A user’s login credentials will remain the same for accessing the app via a browser or the smart device, and any user’s username and password can be edited within the web page. New users can be added via the web then synchronized with the panel. User codes can be adjusted and updated, and access rights can be set. Each user can also have their own email addresses and/or SMS phone numbers mapped to their login credentials, for logging and notification purposes. Total Connect 2.0 will send any enabled notifications to these email address and/or phone numbers as they occur. With this feature, a user is able to monitor their own alarm panel in real time without requiring the use of a central station.

Total Connect 2.0 has multiple remote service features. A user can remotely arm and disarm the system. A virtual keypad can be used to manually enter user codes and system commands. When enabled, a user can control any Z-Wave device mapped to the system through the app, and program smart scenes for the panel. The most recent events and notifications are displayed in sequential order, newest to oldest. With the search function, time and date parameters can be set to view older events. Users also have the option to create custom user groups which can be useful for sending specific notifications to specific users. When enabled, users can even select individual sensor fault and restores (a sensor opening and closing while the system is disarmed) to send notifications to selected users. This feature is very useful for monitoring an area where access should be limited, but where a central station dispatch is not required while in the disarmed state, such as a gun case, a safe, an area where medication is stored, etc.

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