Does A 2GIG GC3 Require An Internet Connection?

The 2GIG GC3 control panel does not require an internet connection. The panel comes with a built-in WIFI communicator, which is enabled in firmware version 3.0.2 or later. The 2GIG GC3 requires a cellular communicator in order to support monitoring and remote services through

The compatible GC3 cellular communicators are:


The 2GIG 3GA-A-GC3

The 2GIG 3GR-A-GC3 (Rogers, for use in Canada only)

Only an authorized 2GIG alarm dealer can activate the system's cell communicator. Each cell communicator comes with its own SIM card (AT&T, Rogers) and no other sim card should be used. Users will need to provide the dealer with the serial number (ADC number for Verizon units, IMEI number for AT&T and Rogers), which is found on a sticker on the communicator itself. The alarm dealer can then build the customer's account with

There are many benefits of connecting the 2GIG GC3 to a central monitoring station. With central station monitoring, trained operators are monitoring alarm systems 24/7 and will dispatch authorities if needed. When a burglary signal is received at a central monitoring station, a trained operator will first call the user's contact list to verify whether or not the alarm is false. If no contact is made, or if a user requests dispatch, or provides an incorrect password, the operator will dispatch authorities. If a duress or panic alarm is received, the operator will not call the contact list, they will dispatch authorities immediately.

With remote services enabled, a world of remote control capabilities become available. Among them, users can remotely control the alarm system, including arming and disarming. They can also control home automation devices, and view video surveillance, if applicable. This can be done from any computer, Android, or iOS device. Users can also set up notifications (text, email or push notification) that can be sent to the customer and to others. These notifications can include being notified when the system is armed, or disarmed, when an alarm or a trouble event occurs, when automation devices are controlled, and when cameras detect motion, if enabled.

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The SIM card data charges are taken care of by and you get access to the service through a dealer like us. You wouldn't need your own T-Mobile SIM and there's no way to get features without paying some level of monthly service.
Nope. Tmobile has great (free) plans for IoT device communications which I was hoping to use with the 2Gig.
Do you have a Tmobile phone? That does not affect your choice of cellular communicator. Although there is not a T-mobile cellular communicator the system will be able to reach your Tmobile phone. The system will dial out using Verizon or AT&T to reach the server. Then the server is capable of communicating down to your mobile device via Tmobile. Just select VZ or AT based on which has better service locally.
Do they have an option that will work with Tmobile?

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