What Batteries Does a 2GIG CO3 Carbon Monoxide Detector Use?

The battery a 2GIG CO3 Carbon Monoxide Detector uses is a lithium CR123A battery. This is commonly referred to as a camera battery. As a carbon monoxide detector, the 2GIG CO3-345 only has a product life of five years. In most cases, the battery will last until the end of life is reached.

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The average battery life for the 2GIG CO3 Sensor is three to five years. Therefore, it's very possible that the battery will not last for the entire five year product life. If the battery dies, replacing it is necessary for keeping the sensor powered allowing it to continue to operate. The sensor will produce a yellow flash every 12 seconds and chirp every 45 seconds to indicate a low battery. A user can press the button on the device to stop the sensor from chirping for the next 12 hours. However, as carbon monoxide detectors are extremely important, the battery should be replaced by the user as soon as possible. Additionally, the panel will display a low-battery trouble message to let the user know that the battery needs to be replaced.

The low-battery warning should not be confused a product end-of-life warning. When the 2GIG CO3-345 has reached its end-of-life, the sensor will produce a yellow flash once every 23 seconds, and it will chirp every 45 seconds. There is no way to stop this chirp. Additionally, no warning will be displayed on the panel. When the end-of-life warning occurs, the sensor must be disposed of and replaced. You should also delete the old sensor from the panel.

If you need to replace the battery for a 2GIG CO3-345, complete the following steps:

1. Remove from mounting base. Gently press on the 2GIG CO3-345 and turn it counterclockwise to remove it from the mounting base.

2. Replace the battery. Locate the battery compartment on the device. Remove the old battery from the sensor, and dispose of it in a proper manner. Wait 20 seconds before inserting the new battery. Make sure the new battery is facing the correct direction when it is inserted. The sensor should power on after the new battery has been inserted.

3. Return to mounting base. Align the 2GIG CO3-345 against the mounting base. Gently press on the sensor, and turn it clockwise to lock it into place.

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