Honeywell Lyric Controller MR3 Firmware Released

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Last week Honeywell released a new critical firmware update (01.03.06549.482) for the Lyric security system:

The update addressed some known bugs on the system and added enhanced functionality to the system as well.

Improved SiX Performance

The Lyric is Honeywell's newest all-in-one wireless touchscreen security system and while it works with the older Honeywell 5800 wireless sensors, it also works with new SiX Series sensors. The SiX Series sensors are one of the main advantages of the Lyric system as they are bi-directional to the panel and also encrypted on their wireless signaling making them much more reliable and secure compared to the existing 5800 Series sensors.

One of the main improvements the new MR3 firmware provides for the Lyric is improved performance of the SiX devices. Once your Lyric is upgraded to the new firmware, it will proactively check the RF environment throughout the day to ensure all of your SiX devices are on the proper RF channel so that your sensor communications stay consistent even if you are adding new wireless technology to your home.

2Gig Wireless Sensor Support

While most people would use Honeywell 5800 or SiX Series sensors with their Lyric system, the new firmware also unlocks the ability to program 2Gig security sensors to a Lyric. 2Gig is another security system manufacturer and 2Gig systems work with Honeywell 5800 Series sensors and 2Gig sensors. Up until this firmware release, no Honeywell system would work with 2Gig sensors though so now the Lyric allows someone with an existing 2Gig system installed to be able to just change out the main all-in-one wireless panel to a Lyric without having to buy all new sensors as well.

LTE Cellular Communications

Prior to the new firmware, the Lyric supported WIFI communications without any extra modules needed. Also, if someone wanted cellular backup to the WIFI communication path which provides for a more reliable form of alarm communication that still works if and when the internet is offline or unavailable, the Lyric supported the AT&T Lyric-3G communicator and the Verizon Lyric-CDMA communicator. Now, with the new firmware, the Lyric will support LTE cellular communicators as well. We are in beta program for an AT&T LTE module that should be released soon and we expect a Verizon LTE module to be coming as well. LTE is a newer, faster cellular network compared to the networks that the Lyric-3G and Lyric-CDMA communicators use and should provide greater long term longevity if and when AT&T and Verizon ever discontinue their respective HSPA and CDMA-1X networks.

Solved LKP500 Keypad Bugs

While you can control the Lyric system from the Lyric touchscreen and from mobile devices, the system also supports a wireless keypad called the LKP500:

The addition of an LKP500 (or multiple LKP500s as the Lyric supports up to 8 wireless keypads) provides another fixed spot in the home that you can arm and disarm your system from as well as being able to see system status and hear zone chime alerts. Unfortunately, there was a known issue where the zone assigned to an LKP500 keypad would report a low battery even when no low battery problem existed. Honeywell has solved that issue and the fix is part of the MR3 firmware release. While Honeywell didn't have documents issues on another issue with the LKP500, we did have a small number of users also report a high pitched tone emanating from the LKP500 when arming to stay mode, during the exit delay countdown. This issue seems to have been solved with the latest firmware release as well.

General Bug Fixes

In addition to the enhancements detailed above, the new MR3 firmware also addressed some other Lyric system bugs that Honeywell didn't detail so we encourage all Lyric system users to update to the latest firmware even if none of the improvements listed above matter to you.

How to Update Firmware

You can request a firmware upgrade by asking the company that monitors your Lyric to send the firmware down remotely or you can run the firmware update yourself by pressing Security > Tools and entering your system's Installer Code followed by hitting Update firmware. Once you hit the Update firmware button, we suggest backing out to the home screen and then waiting a while for it to process. Once it's done, the system should reboot and then you can confirm by pressing Security > Tools > enter Master Code > Advanced > System Information and verifying that the Rev. number on the top line shows the latest firmware version (01.03.06549.482).

Your Lyric system does need to be on a certain version to have the option to update from the panel so if you can access programming mode but you don't see the Update firmware option, your system will need to be updated remotely by your alarm monitoring company.

We applaud Honeywell for continuing to enhance the functionality of the Lyric system and we are excited about even more enhancements that should be coming with future firmware updates as well.

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Unfortunately, there would be no way to reset the unit without the Master code and Installer code. Have you tried the default MC 1234 and default IC 4112?
I have a somewhat similar issue. I bought a Lyric Controller via ebay. It came w/ cell module. Owner doesn't know the installer/master codes. I called the former alarm service provider and they wouldn't give it to me even if I supplied former owner's name and contact info. Any chance of getting the unit reset, registered, etc?
If you know the master code and are able to have the Lyric communicate out via IP or Cell, we can attempt to register the panel to help change your installer code and to push the firmware update as well. Here is a link to our plans:
How can the firmware of Lyric Controller be updated to be used with Apple home kit if installer code is not available?
We don't require any contract term when signing up so yes, you can subscribe to our Self Bronze plan at and then as long as you submit your cancellation request before your 3rd invoice runs, we'd cancel the account without any penalty.
Hi, Can I contract the "Self Bronze package" by month? for example i would like to contract only 2 months, It is possible? thanks
Thanks! Would be a great feature .
Unfortunately, they added the button to the panel with the new firmware but it's not functional yet. They haven't confirmed, but it seems you will be able to view the Skybell from the Lyric Controller at sometime in the future.
I noticed the new Firmware has a skybell option in User settings. To enroll Skybell it says to press the button on the skybell but nothing seems to show up. Anyone able to integrate it on the Lyric. Can you view image on it directly?
We are happy to help. Did you see we offer no-contract monitoring service for the Lyric online at
Ok, I misunderstood then. I thought LTE capability will be enabled via FW upgrade only and no new HW needed. Thanks.
Well the LTE module will be a separate unit to be installed in the Lyric controller (just like the CDMA and 3G modules) but if you wanted to wait for the release of the LTE communicator, you could certainly buy the panel without the CDMA or 3G modules and use it WIFI only until the LTE device is available.
Does that mean that if I'm buying a new system there is no need to purchase the 3G module? LTE would work right out of the box?
Awesome, we love to hear success stories like that!
New firmware looks like it has fixed an important range issue for me! A smoke detector in a detached garage was borderline on range, dropping frequently enough that I had to disconnect it. Tried multiple locations - all the same borderline performance with lost signal alerts. New firmware - 4 days now and working perfectly!!!
Have you tried the Firmware Update button recently? Up until the other day, the new version referenced in the blog above was taken down after it was originally made available. There is a new version that is available ( ) so I'm curious if you still can't process it from your Firmware Update button if you try today.
I have a lyric that's not monitored yet. I have a firmware update button but it's grayed out. Wifi is connected. I have sw 01.02.06243.471 with a 2/20/2017 date. Do I need to do something special to ungray this button or is a local update not possible with my version? Any way to use the USB port with a data stick to load the update file (can it be downloaded somewhere)? Thanks. I don't want to sign up for monitoring until I have my system installed all the way (need to finish some remodeling first).
We have an open ticket for you on this issue and will be in touch once we've processed the firmware for you.
We're told the C1 camera may be out by Q2 of this year but the exact details of how it will work with the panel and/or TC2 aren't yet known. We'll certainly be posting about them on the blog once we know more.
I have tried your instruction on the update and nothing happens. The update firmware option is there on the screen and goes grey when pressed but nothing happens.
Any news on the new Lyric security cameras that debuted at CES?
Yes, the speed difference really doesn't matter when talking about alarm communications as we are sending very small packets of data.
It's all good. As you said, The 3G will be good for years. and the amount of data it sends can't be enough to worry about. But LTE is cool, and probably more expensive. Thanks.
If you'd like to return the Lyric-3G for a refund, you can do so but we don't have an expected release date yet for the LTE version. As the beta just started, I would expect it to be a few months before it's actually released. Also, the Lyric-3G should last for at least 4-5 more years before any concerns about discontinuation of that AT&T network.
Great! I just buy the AT&T Lyric 3G and they are going to release a LTE soon. Ugh...

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