Wireless Doorbell for 2GIG Go!Control, GC3 systems

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The 2GIG DBELL1-345 is a dual purpose, wireless doorbell. Once it is powered and programmed, it can serve as a trigger for just about anything. Whether you are a tech guru looking for a convenient trigger point or simply looking to replace an old, broken doorbell, this sensor is for you!
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The 2GIG DBELL1-345 is a dual purpose, wireless doorbell. The device can be powered by standard 24 VAC wiring from an existing doorbell system or battery powered with one 3V 2032 coin cell lithium battery. The doorbell should be enrolled into a 2GIG Alarm System as a "Zone Type 23 - No Response" wireless zone, regardless of how the doorbell is powered. If you do not have an existing doorbell system you can set it up wirelessly and program the zone to chime on all the keypads.

Once it is powered and programmed, the DBELL1-345 can serve as a trigger for just about anything. The most common use for the device is a trigger for automated (via Z-Wave) scenes, rules and scheduling. Another popular use of the doorbell is a way to trigger video recordings on security cameras enrolled with Alarm.com. A simple button press on the doorbell can result in numerous automation executions! Whether you are a tech guru looking for a convenient trigger point or simply looking to replace an old, broken doorbell, this doorbell is for you!

The 2GIG DBELL1-345 can also be used with the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System. But it will not work in Armed Stay on the Lyric if the device is programmed with a Response Type of "Garage Monitor". In order to get around this and have the doorbell work in Armed Stay mode, the Response Type of "General Monitor" can be used instead. But choosing this option will disable the Chime for the sensor, and only voice annunciation will be used. Both of these Response Types can be selected by setting the Device Type as "Other". Another option is to use the SkyBell DBCAM or DBCAM-TRIM, as the SkyBell devices can serve as true smart doorbells with chime functionality for the Lyric Panel. Please note that the Lyric will require firmware update MR4 to support the 2GIG DBELL1-345.

When programming the sensor to a Lyric Controller, it should auto-enroll like a normal wireless device if you press the button when in the serial number field section of the zone programming. It should auto select the loop but if not, configure the DBELL1 on loop 1.

Brand: 2GIG

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Great Wireless Doorbell Device
Submitted on 07/15/2020 Alarm Grid

The 2GIG DBELL1-345 is a wireless doorbell that communicates at the 2GIG 345 MHz frequency. When the doorbell is pressed, it functions as a "fault" on the assigned zone. The system can then use this "fault" as a trigger for another programmed device, or it can simply provide a chime or voice annunciation on the system to let the user know that the doorbell was pressed. How exactly the device can be used will depend on the system it is programmed with. But regardless, this is a simple, yet effective doorbell for a security system, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

The main thing we like about the 2GIG DBELL1-345 is just its sheer convenience. It isn't a super fancy or overcomplicated doorbell by any means. You simply enroll it with your system on a wireless zone, and pressing the button will cause a zone fault. You can program the zone in any manner that you would like. But the most common programming setting involves a Sensor Type or a Response Type where no alarm will be triggered on the system, but a chime and/or voice annunciation will be made. Another common programming setting is to set the zone so that pressing the doorbell triggers an automation device, such as a light or garage door opener.

The biggest downside to the 2GIG DBELL1-345 is that fact that it has somewhat limited compatibility. As a 2GIG 345 MHz Sensor, it can only be used with 2GIG Panels and the Honeywell Lyric. If you have a different system like a LYNX Touch or a VISTA, then it will not be able to enroll. There is also the consideration that it will require periodic battery replacements. But these downsides are extremely minor, and they do not stop us from giving the 2GIG DBELL1-345 a 5 Star rating.

Good: Convenient, Trigger Chime/Voice, Activate Scenes

Bad: Limited Compatibility, Requires Battery Replacements

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Yes, and I apologize that our product description originally read that you could set it up as the actual doorbell chime. The Lyric doorbells may eventually integrate into the panel to provide that functionality but for now, I think this is the best we'll be able to do. I have flagged your profile so that if/when Honeywell does integrate those to the Lyric system, I can let you know. In the meantime, I think you'll get used to that "Activity Detected, Front Door" voice chime and be able to know it's the doorbell being pressed.
Just tried again... Got "Activity Detected, Front Door" At least it works across both Stay and Disarmed. A shame i can't use the door bell chime
I'm confused by what you saw happen when using General Monitor. On my Lyric Controller, when I was armed to Stay mode and activated the General Monitor zone, I heard the panel beep twice and say "Activity Detected Back". I have my sensor named Back Pantry so it seems to say the 1st zone descriptor after "Activity Detected." What did you hear from the panel when faulting the device in stay mode?
this solution still doesn't work on stay mode... only change is that there's not a doorbell sound. Surely there's a was to have the signal respond in Stay mode? Any other thoughts? What other door bells are options? (I'm also surprised that Lyric's own household doorbells are not compatible with the panel)
You can't select a chime on General Monitor but if you set it that way and test the button press, you'll hear the Lyric panel give a unique voice announcement. Did you try that and was the voice announcement not enough of a "chime"?
hmmm don't think that's going to work. It doesn't allow me to add a chime when it goes to General Monitor. Would want to have the doorbell chime in both armed and disarmed states.
I apologize Bruce as it seems we didn't test the recommended setup in all arming modes. I just tested on my Lyric and confirmed it's behaving like you are reporting. When armed stay, the DBELL1 activation shows a fault message on the Lyric Controller and chimes any wireless LKP500 keypad or SiXSIRENs but doesn't make any noise on the Lyric Controller. If you change the Response Type to General Monitor, you'll hear a unique "Activity Detected" chime on the Lyric Controller, even when armed to Stay and your SiXSIREN will sill chime as usual. Would that solution work for you?
Sterling, it wasn't in that range - it was and is zone 125... and confirmed that is was and is setup exactly to your site reco. Again, works perfectly fine when the alarm is not armed, sends a single chime to the remote siren when it is armed
Ah, I think I got it mixed up with one of your other garage door zones. Assuming the DBELL1 is on zone 129, can you please chance it to a zone number other than 127-130 and test again with the suggested setup in the last paragraph of the product description above? Those zones 127-130 are special garage door zones and I believe that's why it wasn't working as expected.
Nope - was on zone 1
It looks like you had it set to loop 3. Can you change it to loop 1 and test again and report back?
my Dbell 1 is working with my Honeywell Lyric System when the alarm is off, but not when it's in stay mode. It sends a signal, and the remote siren beeps, but the system does not sound the bell. I have it as garage monitor, Supervised, alarm report no. I've tried other response types, but the doorbell chime response is not available.
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