How Do You Add A 2GIG DBELL1 To The 2GIG GC3?

The 2GIG Door Bell (2GIG-DBELL1-345) can replace an existing wired doorbell by connecting it to the existing wire or it can be installed wirelessly and communicate using 345 Mhz frequency.

Installing the 2GIG-DBELL1-345 as a wireless doorbell requires 1, CR2032 3V Lithium battery. The doorbell will only light up if it is hardwired.

Regardless if the doorbell is wired or wireless, install the doorbell with the 2 arrows (found on the inside of the base of the doorbell) facing upwards. The drain hole found on the cover of the door bell should be facing down..

The 2GIG DBELL1-345 regardless if connected to existing wire or kept it wireless gets programmed like any other wireless device to the2GIG GC3. Press the 2GIG logo or System Settings > enter the 4 digit installer code (2GIG factory default installer code is 1561 > press Tool Box > System Configuration > Wireless Zones > select the next available zone and press Edit > Sensor Type = Other > Sensor Type = 23, No Response > Equipment Code = 1063 (doorbell) > Enter the Serial Number > Equipment Age = New > Loop 1 > Disable the Transmission Delay > Voice Descriptor = 277 (doorbell) > Enable or Disable Sensor Reports > Enable or Disable Sensor Supervision > Select a Chime, with or without voice > press the Return to System Configuration > press the left facing arrow > Save.

The volume on the doorbell can be adjusted by pressing System Settings found on the lower left of the touchscreen. Enter the 4 digit Master Code (2GIG factory default master code is 1111) > Sounds > press the circle on the slide bar for Doorbell and move to the left to lower the volume or to the right to increase the volume > press the left facing arrow when finished.

The 2GIG GC3 has a built in Z-Wave module so users can program scenes to trigger a Z-Wave device once the doorbell is pressed; example, turn a light on.

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