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2gig dw20r wireless recessed door slash window contact

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The 2GIG DW20R is a wireless recessed door contact. The DW20R operates at the standard 2GIG 345MHz RF frequency and has a maximum RF rang...
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The 2GIG DW20R is a wireless recessed door contact. The DW20R operates at the standard 2GIG 345MHz RF frequency and has a maximum RF range of 450 nominal feet. Ideally, you want the sensor within 100 feet of the receiver for reliable transmissions. The unit is battery powered with a replaceable lithium battery designed to last up to 5 years. There is an included rare earth magnet (0.5 inches deep x 0.75 inches in diameter) that needs to be positioned adjacent to the sensor (2.57 x 0.75 in).

Installing a recessed door contact offers a clean and invisible security solution. When the door is closed the sensor is hidden in the door jamb which requires drilling into the frame and door. The DW20R requires an 11/16 inch diameter hole drilled out for the sensor and magnet directly across from each other. The magnet needs at least 0.5 inches of depth while the sensor should be at least 2.6 inches. More depth is always better than less. The battery should be inserted before pushing the sensor into the frame.

Use a flathead screwdriver to depress the small tabs on the side of the sensor and remove the cap. Then slide the board out of the contact housing. Document the serial number just in case! You will notice there is a grooved channel where the board cleanly slides in/out of the housing. Insert the battery observing polarity and gently slide the board back into the housing. Replace the cap and slide the sensor into the drilled out area. Using the included philips head screws, fasten the sensor to the door jamb. Then firmly push the magnet into the opposite hole.

After the sensor is installed into the door it should be programmed with the 7-digit serial number mapped to loop 1. This can be manually entered into the alarm panel or auto-enrolled. After the device is programmed be sure to test it by opening the door and ensuring the zone is reporting a fault to the system.

It is not recommended to use this sensor with steel doors or windows. Metallic objects can cause interference issues, especially with recessed contacts. You will want to get a steel door recessed contact or pad out a surface mount contact (DW10) using thick foam adhesive tape.

The Honeywell Lyric alarm system now supports this sensor with the release of the MR3 firmware update!


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