Wireless Security System with 3 Door/Window Sensors, 1 Motion Detector and 1 Key Fob

2gig gckit311

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The 2GIG GCKIT311 kit includes (1) 2GIG CP21-345 Go!Control alarm panel, (3) 2GIG DW10-345 door/window contacts, (1) 2GIG PIR1-345 motion detector, and (1) 2GIG KEY2-345 security key fob.
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This alarm system is designed for a small to medium size home or business. The Go!Control panel is a self-contained alarm system. It is a beautiful touchscreen display keypad but inside houses the entirety of the alarm system. There is a built in siren that produces a high pitch alarm that will scare any intruder away. Also, the Go!Control panel serves as a robust home automation controller. The panel supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices and allows for fluid integration of your security and automation devices. You can easily setup scenes, rules and schedules that will save you time and money without any fancy programming or installation costs.

It is common to have three entry doors in a small home or business. It is always recommended to protect these entry points first. The 3 included surface mount contacts are extremely easy to install and are barely noticeable.

The wireless motion detector offers a versatile approach to protecting a large open space or hallway leading to other rooms. This motion has a wide range of 30 feet by 50 feet. Also, if you have pets this motion offers two settings for pet immunity: 33 pounds or 55 pounds. The higher the pet immunity, the less sensitive a motion detector is. Pet immunity does not protect against pets jumping off furniture or traveling up and down stairwells. So we recommend that you direct the motions away from these objects, if you plan to utilize the pet immunity on this motion.

Like all of our kits, there is also a wireless key fob. The key fob is a simple way to arm, disarm and trigger panic alarms with a single touch a button. They can also be programmed to control your overhead garage door through the use of a product like the 2GIG GDR1-345 garage door controller.

Keep in mind, communication modules are sold separately. If you are interested in monitoring your 2GIG alarm system you will need to choose a communication path: Internet, Cellular and/or phone (POTS). There are a variety of communicators to choose from. They should be added to this kit at the time of purchase. In order to enroll in services with Alarm.com you will need choose between the GCCDMV-A (Verizon) and the GC3GA-A (AT&T) cellular communicators. They require a cellular path.

Lastly, the kits include the AC1 transformer but do not include any cabling. If you are interested in a finished solution then check out the 2GIG AC2-PLUG which offers a finished cable with male DC connector. This offers easier power cycling and eliminates the need to purchase and customize your own cabling. Otherwise, you will need to custom cable the system using stranded 18 gauge 2 conductor cable (18/2).


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Kit Includes

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4-button Key Fob
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