Super Switch Wired to Wireless Takeover Module

2gig take 345 front
  • 2gig take 345 front
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The 2GIG TAKE-345 is a wired to wireless converter that lets you use hardwired sensors with a compatible 345 MHz system. The wired sensors will connect directly with the TAKE-345, and the module will send out a wireless signal to the panel on their behalf. Buy the TAKE-345 from Alarm Grid.
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The 2GIG TAKE-345 is a wired to wireless takeover module, also known as the "Super Switch." The Super Switch is a wired panel designed to convert wired security sensors to wireless zones. In particular, the unit will convert a total of 8 wired zones and convert them into 8 wireless (345MHz) zones. This includes normally closed (Form A) sensors, motion detectors and glass breaks. It does NOT support life safety devices such as smoke, heat and CO detectors. This is a great option for anyone interested in converting an existing wired system over to wireless or looking to utilize wired contacts with the Go!Control wireless alarm system. One of the downsides of RF sensors is replacing batteries so the takeover module offers the best of both worlds.

The TAKE-345 is designed to connect to an existing wired system and tie into the 12VDC power connections. If it is a fresh pre-wire installation or you plan to remove the existing wired system the 2GIG TAKE-KIT1 is recommended for independent power. The kit includes everything you will need to power the Super Switch including a power supply, transformer, and backup battery. Whether you are using an existing system or the auxiliary power supply from the kit you will need to connect the 12VDC low voltage power to the terminal labeled, "12V." This should be the last step in the wiring. First you will want to connect your data or "Zone" wires.

The high side (positive) of each wired zone should be landed on its own screw terminal on the Super Switch. These are labeled 1 through 8 and can handled several sensors on a single zone as long as they are wired in series. The low side (negative) of each wired zone should be connected to the ground terminal on the Super Switch. If there is not enough room to fit all the sensors you can run a short patch cable of 18 gauge wire from the ground connection and use a wire nut to connect all the low end data wires.

After your data wires are connected you can connect the battery leads to the battery, observing polarity. Then land the positive power connection to the "12V" terminal followed by the negative power connection to the "G" terminal.

Brand: 2GIG

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