How Loud is the Interlogix Simon XT Siren?

The Interlogix Simon XT Siren is rated at a minimum of 85 db. This is the lowest volume level recommended for a modern alarm system. However, this is still loud enough for most residential applications. If a user wants to use a louder siren, they can install a hardwired one with the panel.

Interlogix simon xtThe siren inside the Interlogix Simon XT will sound at a minimum volume level of 85 decibels, and it may even reach volume levels that are slightly higher. It should be noted that 85 decibels is the minimum available siren level for a new alarm system. But that said, 85 decibels is plenty loud enough for most home applications. As a reference, 85 db is about as loud as a snow blower or a passing diesel truck.

If a user wants to achieve a louder setup, they can always hard wire a siren with the system. The Interlogix Simon XT has a siren output that can provide up to 250 mA of available current, and it requires that a 4.7K ohm resistor be wired in parallel with the siren. If this is not enough current, then a relay and an external power supply will also be required. Alarm Grid offers siren kits for this purpose.

The siren will sound on an Interlogix Simon XT during alarm events. The siren will continue to sound until the siren timeout period expires or a valid user code is entered. The user can also adjust the siren timeout period for the system if desired. This is done within the Timers Menu of System Programming. The user will need the system's Installer Code to access this menu. The default Installer Code for the Interlogix Simon XT is 4321. The options for siren timeout can range from 2 minutes to 254 minutes.

It is also possible to disable the siren for the Simon XT. This is useful if a user does not want the siren to activate during an alarm event. This is accomplished through the Siren Options Menu of System Programming. The option is listed as "Panel Piezo Alarm". Again, the user will need to provide the Installer Code for the system in order to access this menu.

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Indoor Siren that sounds the same as the Simon xt
Are you looking for an indoor siren or outdoor siren?
I’m more concerned about the actual sound that is made from the panel as the Simon xt has a unique ear penetrating sound that’s effective . I don’t have an XT personally I’m just trying to find an external Siren for my Honeywell L5200 to sound the same .
It's hard to say which wired siren would sound exactly like a Simon XT siren as the Simon XT siren is built into the panel and therefore we only have the specs the manufacturer gives us. It is a 85dB siren and any of the wired sirens we offer at should be at least as loud as 85dB. Are you more concerned with the sound volume or the actual noise made by the panel? If you can email us at with a picture of the inside of your Simon XT and a reference to this page, we may be able to help further.
Which external hardwire siren sounds the same as the one in this simon XT?

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