Can I Use a DSC TL880LEAT N Communicator w/o

No, you cannot use a DSC TL880LEAT N Communicator without The DSC TL880LEAT N is specifically designed to communicate through the servers for monitoring service. Without the servers, it is impossible for this dual-path communicator to function properly.

Dsc tl880ltvz n alarm dot com verizon lte dual path communicator

As a dual-path communicator, the DSC TL880LEAT N uses both cellular and internet protocol (IP) connectivity. The cellular service is provided from the AT&T LTE network. Internet connectivity comes from a hardwired ethernet connection. requires that the cellular portion of this communicator be registered. However, IP connectivity is technically optional. When both IP and cellular are used, the communicator sends out signals across both paths. The signal that reaches the intended destination first goes through as normal, while the other signal is discarded by This way, the single command is not executed twice, and the fastest available path is always used.

All signals from the DSC TL880LEAT N, regardless of whether they are IP or cellular signals, are sent through From there, forwards the signals to a central monitoring station and/or the end user directly. This is dependent upon what type of monitoring plan the end user has. But remember, the signal must go through the servers first before being forwarded to its ultimate destination. You do have the option of getting an alarm monitoring plan that does not include access to for remote access to the system, such as the Alarm Grid Cell-Only Plan. This will provide you with central station service, but you won't be able to control the system remotely through You also won't be able to use the Z-Wave functionality built inside the DSC TL880LEAT N, as that is only possible through The Alarm Grid Cell-Only Plan is a good option for customers who just want basic central station monitoring, but who want the safety and security of a dual-path connection. But for those customers who want to take full advantage of all has to offer, a plan such as one of our Gold or Platinum (Self or Full) options is really the way to go.

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