What Kind of Transformer Does My Honeywell System Use?

Each Honeywell system, wired or wireless, requires a specific transformer to operate properly. New systems come with the proper transformer, but in some cases, a replacement may be required. There are also instances where it's appropriate to replace the original with a different one.

The chart below lists various panels and the appropriate transformer for the panel. Where noted, the original panel transformer can be replaced with a shared transformer. A shared transformer comes with an AlarmNet communicator, such as the GSMV4G or the iGSMV4G. This allows you to power both devices with a single transformer, instead of having to use two separate ones.

Honeywell products and compatible transformers:

Alarm Panel or product

Original Transformer

Substitute, if applicable

Vista-15P, Vista-20P

1321 (16.5VAC, 25VA)

1317-1 (Replacement, Includes Ground Terminal and 3rd prong)

1361-GT when transformer is shared with AlarmNet GSMV4G or IGSMV4G

Vista-21iP, Vista-128BPT, Vista-250BPT

1361 (Original, 16.5VAC, 40VA, no longer manufactured)

1361-GT (Replacement, and what it ships with now. Includes 3rd prong and Ground Terminal)



K10145WH - K10145WHGN (Ground Prong)

L3000-X10 (Replacement Transformer for use with X10 devices)

L5200, L5210, L7000, Lyric Controller, Lyric Gateway

300-04705V1 (9VDC, 2.7A, 25W)


Lyric Keypad (LKP500)

LKP300-07332 (110VAC In/9VDC Out, 1A)


5828, 5828V

K0991 (110VAC In/ 5VDC Out, 220mA. This transformer also comes with the 5828DM Desk Mount Kit)


NOTE: All part numbers listed above are US versions. Canadian transformer part numbers will be different from those shown above. The original transformer model number will be shown in the schematic for the panel. This is located in the Installation Instructions.

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No photos on that item. Is it a barrel jack connector or does it have terminals for direct wiring?
Here is a link to our site where you can purchase the transformer: https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/honeywell-lkp300-07332
The LKP500 shows to use 300-07332US for the transformer. The LKP500 instructions show a transformer with 2 terminals for direct wire connections. However, looking online the 300-07332US seems to have a barrel jack connector and does not have terminals. What's the difference here? Where can I obtain the correct transformer since third parties seem to only be selling one with the barrel jack.

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