Can I Replace a 1321 Transformer w/ a 1361 Transformer?

Yes, you can replace a 1321 transformer with a 1361 transformer. Both transformers have the same voltage output rating of 16.5VAC. The difference between them is that a 1361 supports more current. You can always safely swap a 1321 for a 1361. But you cannot always swap a 1361 for a 1321.

Honeywell 1361 gt ac transformer 16 dot 5vac 40va

The Honeywell 1321 and the Honeywell 1361 both have a voltage output rating of 16.5VAC. However, the 1361 supports up for 40VA of current, while the 1321 only supports up to 25VA of current. As long as the load does not exceed 25VA, you can actually use these transformers interchangeably. But if the load exceeds 25VA while being less than 40VA, you will need to use a 1361 transformer. In other words, you can always use a 1361 transformer in place of a 1321 transformer. But you cannot always use a 1321 transformer in place of a 1361 transformer.

The Honeywell 1321 Transformer actually comes standard with many of the low VISTA P-Series Panels. This includes the VISTA 10P, VISTA 15P, and VISTA 20P Systems. However, that transformer is not powerful enough to power both a panel and a communicator. For that reason, you will have to use a second transformer if you want to get your VISTA System connected with a cellular network. But what's great about the Honeywell 1361 Transformer is that it is actually powerful enough to keep both the panel and the communicator running. In other words, a 1361 transformer will actually cut down on the number of power outlets you need for your alarm system.

The Honeywell 1361 Transformer comes included with the VISTA 21iP, VISTA 128BPT, and the VISTA 250BPT Systems. It also comes packaged with many of the communicators used with VISTA Panels. There are many users who may have a VISTA System powered by a 1321 transformer, but then later they get a communicator that includes a 1361 transformer. If that is the case, they can easily swap out the 1321 transformer and use the 1361 transformer to power their entire system. However, if your 1361 transformer ever becomes damaged, do not try to use the 1321 transformer in its place. The 1321 transformer will not supply sufficient power for both the panel and the communicator.

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The VISTA-20P actually ships with a 1321 (16.5VAC 25VA) transformer so unless you're doing a shared transformer setup with an AlarmNet communicator, you should be fine to change our your 1361 with the 1321X10 so that you only have one transformer and it supports X10.
I have a 1321X10 from an old Lynx system which I would like to use on a 20P for X10 purposes only with the idea that I will power the 20P panel with the 1361 transformer thus having two transformers: one for power and one for X10. Will this work? Thanks.

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