Honeywell 5816OD

Wireless Outdoor Sensor for Gates, Garages, & Doors

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Outdoor contact sensor compatible with most alarm systems. Ideal as a wireless gate sensor, or wireless garage sensor in cold climates. Available, In Stock... Get Yours today!
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The Honeywell 5816OD is the alarm industry's first wireless outdoor sensor. You can now protect your backyard shed or barn, your detached garage, your pool gate or your perimeter fence. The 5816OD outdoor contact sensor provides waterproof (meets NEMA4X water protection) and weatherproof protection in any temperature (-40° to 150° F). You can mount the 5816OD wireless outdoor sensor on flat and curved surfaces. We recommend using strap ties or cable ties (not included) when installing the 5816OD on a round surface like a fence or gate post.

The Honeywell 5816OD has a wireless range of 200' nominal from your wireless home alarm system and if you have a large property you can use a Honeywell 5800RP wireless repeater to boost the range even further. The 5816OD sensor is supervised so that if it is out of range from your wireless alarm system, it will transmit a RF supervision loss signal. The 5816OD can be used as a simple wireless contact with the magnet or it can even be wired to an external contact and act as a wireless transmitter. Make sure to caulk around the rubber wire seal on the back of the sealing cover to preserve water protection.

The 5816OD wireless outdoor contact has an extra wide magnet gap to accommodate the unique requirements needed for outdoor protection. When installed on wood, vinyl or plastic the magnet can be up to 1 3/4" from the 5816OD contact and up to 1 1/2" when installed on metal. Mounting the magnet too far away will prevent the internal reed switch for the 5816OD from closing when the door or gate is closed. The 5816OD outdoor contact can even be painted so that it blends into the mounting surface. Make sure to only use paint that is recommended for plastic. You will program the sensor to Loop 2 to use the 5816OD as a contact sensor with its internal reed switch.

Please note that the 5816OD can also be used as a wireless transmitter for a hardwired contact sensor. This is done by programming the 5816OD to Loop 1 and connecting a wired contact to the device. When doing this, it is recommended that you use a Form C (Normally Open or Normally Closed) contact. Both the Normally Open and Normally Closed Terminals should be connected to one side of the Loop 1 input on the 5816OD. Alarm Grid recommends the Honeywell 7945-2GY for this application. By programming the 5816OD to two different zones, you can use Loop 1 (wireless transmitter) and Loop 2 (reed switch).


  • Weather-proof and water-resistant housing. The 5816OD can withstand outdoor temperatures. Its construction allows it to work in temperatures ranging from -40ºF to 150ºF (-40º C to +66º C), (100% RH)
  • Large magnet gap. Magnet gap is 1.75" on wood, vinyl, and non-metal surfaces. On steel, range should be no greater than 1.25".
  • 2 AA Lithium Batteries. They are long-lasting and easy to replace.
  • Built-in reed switch contact loop. Allows the 5816OD to function as a traditional, wireless sensor.
  • Built-in wired closed contact loop. Gives end-users flexibility to use wired sensors. The 5816OD will convert a traditional wired sensor to communicate wirelessly with any 5800 compatible Honeywell panel.
  • Tamper Switch monitors the system's cover. If someone opens it, the panel and end-user are informed.
  • Screw, cable tie, and tape mountable. The 5816OD has holes in the back that will let a end-user secure the device to a wall however they see fit.
  • Magnet and magnet spacer included. Should you need to raise the sensor from its mounted location, the magnets and spacers make it easy.
  • Paintable plastic housing. The 5816OD can be painted to match any surface. Alarm Grid recommends the following types of paints for an end user that wishes to change the color of their unit: Krylon® "Fusion for Plastic", Rust-Oleum® "Plastic" and Dupli-Color® "Vinyl & Fabric Coating."


  • Sensor Dimensions: 2.01" W x 4.25" H x 1.4" D
    (51mm x 108mm x 35.6mm high off mounting surface)
  • Magnet Dimensions: .89" W x 4.02" H x .92" D
    (22.5mm x 102mm x 23.27mm)
  • Range: 200 feet
  • UL Listings: UL634, UL1023, ULC C1023, ULC-ORD-C634-86
  • Moisture Resistance: NEMA 4X rated

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The sensors them self dont connect to the internet they connect to the panel that is connected to the internet that communicates to the Total connect 2.0 app or in your case with a DSC panel I know in the Honeywell panels there is a setting that can set a device like the 5816 od to just notify through the Total Connect App
Hi Josh, I read the info but I think these trigger an alarm an not just notify thru an app. I don’t want to scare the poolguy to death, I just want to be notified on my devices someone is entering the premises. I gave the examples of all other sensors and locks I have in use because they all have working apps and Honeywell hasn’t. Yesterday I read about the 2GIG go!Bridge working with the 5816OD’s but I’m still not sure if an alarm panel is necessary. I just want the sensors to connect to the internet. Anyone know about the Honeywell Redlink Gateway?
Hey Jochem, with a dsc the best sendors to use with having to replace your dsc is to use DSC PG9312 here is a link to them ( I know that DSC can be used with Alarm. com. and some of your devices that can not integrate are Honeywell wifi thermostat, Minut point, philips hue, fido door lock and U-Bolt lock those will not intergate into The yale lock can integrate but must be Zwave
Hi, I bought 2 of these and simply thought they would notify my thru an app. I have Grohe Sense water leak guards who can do that by them selves. But no, Honeywell want's met to buy something else to get notified my gate is open. What do I need, for the least buck? B2w I live on Curacao so no heating in this house. And I have a DSC alarm. I have PhilipsHue, Minut Point, Ring Doorbell, Nest Yale lock, August Lock, Fido doorlock, U-Bolt lock, all with hubs and/or internet connection. Alexa devices, Google Home and so on. O, I did buy a Honeywell Redlink Enabled Internet Gateway and had hopes, but what does this thing do to help me?
I believe it will work since the range of the sensor will be 200ft. we have seen some sensors go over that 200ft distance but it is best to test it.
Hello, I plan on adding this contact to a gate 195' away from a repeater near a window facing the gate. What are your thoughts? Clear line of sight from window/repeater to the 5816OD contact. It's open air from the repeater to the contact. My installation team has doubts in the Chicago area. I see the transmitter/contact is rated at -40 f up to 140f. Quite an impressive range.
If you have chime enabled the gate should at least chime locally on the keypad when the gate is opened. Simply enter your master code followed by the chime key (9) to toggle chime on and off. The gate will have to be programmed on a response type that supports the chiming feature. Try this and report back if it does not work. The 6160RF does not support voice announcements. If you have the Total Connect service you can generate text, email and push notifications as well. We offer no contract self monitoring options if you are interested in trying it out:
I have the Honeywell Vista20P control panel, and the 6160RF custom series keypad. How will the 5816OD alert me when a gate is opened? Does the 6160RF have a chime or voice control alert that can be programmed?
Hmm I doubt it but if you confirm the exact model number of your system I can verify. Generally they install their touchscreen panel that communicates directly to their own sensors. I have seen in some cases that Comcast does takeovers on Honeywell VISTA panels. In which case this could work with an RF receiver. Feel free to send a photo of your panel so we can confirm for you.
will this work with my comcast alarm system?
I'm so glad to hear you were able to get the new alerts setup properly and that you are pleased. As always, let us know if you need anything else.
Thank you! We are now receiving notifications within 5-10 seconds! Great customer service!
Yes, we've enabled the Total Connect Sensor Open/Close feature so if you log in at and click the wrench icon on the Events and Notifications module, you'll now see a new group of events calls Sensor Open/Close when you click the house with the lock icon on the left. Let us know if you need any assistance setting up these new alerts for your 5816OD sensors.
I purchased 2 of the 5816OD sensors to add to our lyric alarm system. Following your video instructions these were easy to add and we now receive local notifications on the alarm panel when these sensors open and as intended the sensors are not triggering an alarm. The last item I cannot figure out - how can I receive text notification when the 5816ODs are opened? We have Total Connect Gold and have logged into Total Connect but do not see an option in Total Connect for this text notification by zone so I assume the setting must be in the Lyric but I cannot determine how to make this work. Can you help?
If you are an dealer a certified tech has access to programming this sensor on platform. As an end user all sensors must be enrolled in keypad programming. Then they will show up in app. Do you have the GC2 or GC3 panel?
I see discussions for setting this up on a 2Gig control panel using service. Is there a trick to adding the device? I can't seem to get it to pair.
The walls may have material that are interfering with the signal as 50 feet shouldn't be too far for a sensor. You could try a repeater or re-positioning the panel (or sensor) and doing some further testing. If you go with the 5800RP ( ) just make sure you get the K10145WH transformer to power it ( ).
Thanks Sterling, but I've tried everything and the RF signal just won't go past the front door and out to the gate. It works perfectly in my hand, but not on the porch outside near the gate...even with the front door open. The signal just can't go past about 50' and the 4 walls. Could my unit be defective or is it likely the 4 interior walls diminishing the signal? Tim
At that distance, it should work reliably I would think. Are you sure you have it programmed properly? If so, does it work reliably when it's removed from the wooden gate and you have the sensor and magnet in your hand?
My 5816OD is installed on a wooden gate about 20' from my front door, which is 70' from the back of my house where my Lynx 7000 is located. Walls and doors are all wood/plaster construction and the line of sight from my Lynx to the 58160D requires the signal to pass through four (4) walls and the front door. My front door sensor (5800RPS) works fine, but the 5816OD frequently will not trigger when tested outside the front door. Do I need a repeater for only 90'? The specs say 200'.
These Honeywell RF sensors are designed to work with Honeywell wireless alarm systems so they won't work for your application unless you plan to install a security system in the home.
Thanks for the quick reply. We are hoping to install an indicator at the back door to show if all gates are closed. The purpose is to let anyone inside know if it's safe to let the dog out into the fenced area any time he wants out. So a chime or text alert will not help. Any other ideas how the 5816OD could help us?
Unfortunately the 5816OD does not speak directly to an LED sensor like that. The door contact will report back to your alarm panel which can be setup to chime and voice announce which gate is opened. You can also setup text/email alerts based on gate openings if desired.
I just installed a fence around my back yard. It has four gates, three of which are out of sight from the back door. If I install one of these sensors on each gate, can I get a simple red/green light indicator to mount above my back door with which the sensors will communicate to indicate whether all gates are closed?
Ah yes, I know exactly what you are talking about. I'm glad to hear it's all working for you now. Please keep in mind we also offer monitoring services through our no-contract plans available online at in case you are interested in switching to us.
Hey Sterling, had my plan on a 'basic' monitoring service where activity on senors could not trigger phone notifications below a 5 minute range (only when a sensor was open > 5 minutes). I could never figure out how to send notifications the moment a sensor was triggered (ie. the moment a door was opened). I asked why (via their help request) and they said that my service plan was not set up this way, but that they would "allow it" on my account? Funny thing though, one of the selling points from the installer/re-seller was this exact feature of "instantaneous" monitoring of sensors. In any case they did their magic on their end and all of a sudden I was able to set up notification alarms on their website (triggering "instantaneous" notifications on my phone). This was all tested with a door/window DW10 sensor. Whenever I opened this sensor, I was able to get phone notifications without triggering a police dispatch alarm (both when my system was in alarm stay and alarm away mode). I also set it up so that it would state the name of the sensor when the sensor activity was triggered. My end goal is to use the 5816OD on my back yard gate door and get notified via my phone and via the go control panel voice whenever the door is opened/closed. thanks again!
We're glad to have helped. What was the extra bit of support provided?
Frank (and Sterling), Just wanted to return and say thanks for the help. I have not purchased the 5816OD (though eventually I will), but I definitely tried your suggestion on setup, but with a DW10 sensor (cheaper way to try this). It took some extra customer support from, but it all works as I had originally hoped [a little slow with notifications to my phone sometimes, but not a big deal]. Thanks you both!
I see Frank already answered you so please test it and let us know if you need any further assistance.
Yes. When the gate is opened it will report a fault but will never trigger an alarm. You will have to setup the customized sensor open alert on after you have programmed this way.
Thanks for the info Frank. Can I am assume that I would program the 5816OD sensor to function exactly like any indoor door sensor, BUT change ONLY the zone type to be type 23 vs type 01 (in other words all other programming settings stay the same)? Would that accomplish getting notifications to my phone (via sensor notifications) and yet not trigger any alarms (ie police dispatching)? Thanks again and happy holidays!
Wow, very quick response. Thank you Sterling. Would the correct setting to modify be the "RF sensor reports" option on the Go Control panel program settings, and set it to "(0) disabled" (Not report to central station) ? I am assuming that disabling this option still triggers "alarms" to and subsequently notifications to your phone's app? Thanks again and happy holidays!
Yes you can. You will want to set the zone to zone type 23 - No Response. You can setup a chime on it for local alerts. Then make sure you have this zone enabled for sensor open and/or sensor left open alerts...
Yes, you should be able to setup a zone to alert you on an opening right away without it having to go through to your central station.
I have a 2gig go control system (monitored through central security group ... viewed/setup through I was wondering can I use the Honeywell 5816OD sensor to trigger notifications (to my phone via app) when my back yard gate door is opened. I do not want it to trigger an alarm, but I would like to get notified if someone has opened it. I have setup up notifications on sensors when they are left open, but in this scenario I prefer to get notified immediately. I have several webcams I can kick off to see whats going on at that point. Any idea?
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