Honeywell CDMA-X

AlarmNet Cellular Alarm Monitoring Communicator

Honeywell cdma x alarmnet cellular alarm monitoring communicator

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The Honeywell CDMA-X is a cellular Alarmnet communicator designed to work with Honeywell VISTA panels via Verizon's CDMA network. For man...

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The Honeywell CDMA-X is a cellular Alarmnet communicator designed to work with Honeywell VISTA panels via Verizon's CDMA network. For many years Honeywell only offered AT&T based cellular communications. Currently, the AT&T network is in the midst of the 2G sunset which means all the original "GSM" radios require upgrading to a 3G or 4G communication module. Up until now the only option was to swap in a newer AT&T radio like the GSMV4G or GSMX4G. Well the CDMA-X is the perfect solution for those looking to utilize the robust, reliable Verizon cellular network on panels like the VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P, VISTA-128BPT, and VISTA-250BPT. Honeywell has been guaranteed CDMA-1x coverage from Verizon until 2022.

The physical and technological design is basically the same as the GSMX4G except that it uses Verizon instead of AT&T. It is a compact plastic enclosure with a 4-wire harness already attached to the module. There is a pair of wires for power and the other for data. The common practice is to land these connections on the ECP bus of a compatible VISTA series alarm control panel. It also supports 4204 mode for older systems that do not support ECP mode.

The CDMA-X will draw 30mA in standby mode and up to 300mA in peak transmission. Be sure to use the max 300mA when calculating if your ECP output can handle this device. Low series P panels like the VISTA-20P have a 600mA output so this device will require half of this. If your panel does not have enough power we recommend setting up a 12VDC auxiliary power supply along with transformer and a 24 hour backup battery like the Ultratech 1240. It is imperative that you wire a shared ground connection between the ECP and power supply's negative power terminals with this configuration.

A huge benefit of using Honeywell AlarmNet communicator is the reliability and security they offer. This devices operates a 256 bit AES (Rijndael) encryption for all communications transmitted and received between your alarm panel and the AlarmNet server. Also the Total Connect 2.0 interactive service is a great way to setup customized alerts via text and email for just about anything that occurs on your system. The Total Connect app is especially useful for getting instant alerts for 24 hour zones like flood detectors and temperature sensors.


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