Which Alarm Panels Does the CDMA-X Work With?

The CDMA-X works with VISTA Series Alarm Panels. The device allows VISTA Panels to communicate across the Verizon CDMA Cellular Network. New CDMA-X modules can no longer be activated, as Verizon is planning to discontinue support for this network. The module has been replaced by the LTE-XV.

Honeywell cdma x alarmnet cellular alarm monitoring communicator

Without an added alarm monitoring communicator, most VISTA Series Panels can only send signals across a phone line. This is a relatively outdated and discouraged practice. Phone line communication is both slow and unreliable, and it is generally not recommended. For that reason, a person with a VISTA Panel will generally want to add a cellular communicator. This will allow for more reliable communication overall.

The cellular communicator that is added will determine which cellular network the panel communicates across. In the case of the CDMA-X, the panel will send signals through the Verizon CDMA Network. This network is currently in the process of being discontinued. AlarmNet stopped allowing CDMA communicator activations in June of 2018. As a result, if you get a new CDMA-X communicator, then you will not be able to activate it.

If you have a CDMA communicator that is currently active, then you can continue to use it until Verizon shuts down the network. This is expected to occur sometime in the next few years. Once the network is shut down, you will need to upgrade to a newer communicator. Additionally, if you deactivate a CDMA communicator, then you will not be able to reactivate it for any reason.

Since the CDMA Network is being discontinued, we strongly encourage customers to not purchase CDMA communicators. Instead, they should purchase LTE communicators for their systems. These communicators will allow systems to communicate across the faster and more advanced LTE Networks. LTE stands for "Long Term Evolution", and cellular service providers have promised to maintain service for their LTE Networks well into the distant future.

For VISTA Systems, the Honeywell LTE-XV will allow communication across the Verizon LTE Network. For that reason, the LTE-XV is widely seen as the successor to the CDMA-X. If you were considering purchasing a CDMA-X, it is strongly recommended that you purchase an LTE-XV module instead. You can purchase the LTE-XV from the Alarm Grid website.

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