Honeywell CELL-ANTHB

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Honeywell cell anthb alarmnet cellular antenna
  • Honeywell cell anthb alarmnet cellular antenna
  • Honeywell gsm anthb alarmnet gsm antenna for vista gsm

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The Honeywell CELL-ANTHB is a cellular antenna designed for use with various cellular communicators used with Honeywell VISTA Systems. It is compatible with the newer LTE communicators, including the LTE-XA, LTE-XV, LTE-IA, and LTE-IV. Buy the Honeywell CELL-ANTHB from Alarm Grid.
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Note: The Honeywell CELL-ANTHB was formerly known as the Honeywell GSM-ANTHB. The name was updated to reflect its compatibility with the newer Honeywell VISTA LTE Cellular Communicators. The antenna will work with the Honeywell LTE-XA, LTE-XV, LTE-IA, and LTE-IV.

The Honeywell CELL-ANTHB is an AlarmNet Cellular Antenna used with the various cellular communicators for Honeywell VISTA Systems. It was originally designed for use with the Honeywell VISTA-GSM, but it also works with newer LTE radios. The VISTA-GSM is a snap-on cellular alarm communicator that works with the VISTA-21iP alarm panel. The VISTA-GSM is an optional add on to the VISTA-21iP and provides a backup cellular alarm communication path so that the VISTA-21iP can still communicate with AlarmNet and the central station when the internet connection is unavailable. A CELL-ANTHB is included with all new purchases of a VISTA-GSM.

The CELL-ANTHB is an indoor blade antenna that can be mounted directly on the top of the beige metal alarm cabinet that houses the VISTA-21iP alarm control panel. To install the CELL-ANTHB, you will need to remove the large knockout that is located on the right side of the top edge of the cabinet. You will also need to remove the smaller knockout that is found right next to the larger knockout. With both knockouts removed, you will need to fit the antenna adapter plate into place by positioning the adapter plate’s pin directly over the smaller knockout and then pressing the adapter plate down until it snaps into place. Next, you will need to remove the nut and washer from the antenna adapter plate and then fish the K14207LF MMCX to SMA adapter cable up through the adapter plate’s hole. Secure the K14207LF’s SMA connector to the adapter plate with the nut and washer you previously removed. Finally, you can connect the CELL-ANTHB antenna to the SMA connector. Be careful to properly align the antenna’s connector with the SMA connector before you screw the antenna into place. You should not over tighten the antenna when screwing it into place so just use your fingers to twist it clockwise until it is tight.

While the Honeywell CELL-ANTHB antenna is normally used with the VISTA-GSM, it can also be used with other AlarmNet Cellular Alarm Communicators like the GSMV and iGSMV. The antenna adapter plate is not required when using the CELL-ANTHB with a GSMV or iGSMV. Simply route the SMA adapter cable through the hole in the plastic case of the communicator and screw the antenna down into place until it is secure.

The CELL-ANTHB is not recommended for the GSMVLP, GSMVLP5, GSVMLP5-4G or GSMX cellular alarm communicators because there is no metal cabinet or plastic enclosure for mounting the blade antenna. Also, the CELL-ANTHB is not compatible with the GSMV4G or the GSMX4G as those communicators have a different antenna connection. It only works with communicators that have the appropriate port.

Brand: Honeywell

Great for Small Signal Boosts
Submitted on 08/21/2019 Alarm Grid

We strongly recommend the Honeywell CELL-ANTHB as an indoor antenna for Honeywell VISTA System Cellular Communicators. The device is much easier to install than an outdoor antenna, and it will provide a noticeable boost in signal for many users. We give this product a 5-Star rating because it is effective in many situations.

A cellular antenna is designed to boost the signal strength for a cellular communicator. This can be very important for making sure the system can send and receive signals reliably. A cellular communicator will offer exceptional reliability, but only when the signal strength is adequate. If you live in a rural area, then you might need to add a cellular antenna or cellular amplifier to achieve a better signal.

The CELL-ANTHB is good for users when only a small boost in signal strength is needed. If you live very far away from any cell towers, then you might need to go with a stronger, outdoor antenna instead. An outdoor antenna will be more difficult to install, as it will need to go in your attic or on your roof. But for many users, the CELL-ANTHB is all that is needed. Just note that the antenna is only designed to provide a signal boost of 1 dB.

A great aspect of the CELL-ANTHB is that it works with the newer LTE communicators for VISTA Systems. These include the LTE-XA, LTE-XV, LTE-IA, and LTE-IV. The device can be mounted on the outside of the metal enclosure used to contain a Honeywell VISTA System. For stand-alone communicators, it can be mounted on or near the communicator itself. An end-user will have no trouble completing the installation themselves. It even comes with the Honeywell K14207LF Cable needed to complete the installation. Please note that the standalone cable is discontinued, so you will need to buy another CELL-ANTHB to get a new one if needed.

Bottom line, we think the Honeywell CELL-ANTHB works very well when only a small boost in signal strength is needed. It is easy to install, and it serves its purpose well. That is why we rate it 5-Stars.

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