Honeywell CELL-ANT3DB

AlarmNet Remote Weatherproof Cellular Antenna

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The Honeywell CELL-ANT3DB is an outdoor weatherproof antenna that is designed to improve the signal strength for a cellular communicator. It works with many communicators, including the LTE-L57A, the LTE-L57V, the LTE-XA, the LTE-XV, the LTE-IA, the LTE-IV and more. Buy the CELL-ANT3DB here.
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The Honeywell CELL-ANT3DB is an AlarmNet remote weatherproof cellular antenna with an average gain of 3dB that is compatible with certain AlarmNet cellular alarm monitoring communicators and dual path alarm monitoring communicators. Unlike the AlarmNet CELL-ANT remote indoor antenna, which only allows you to change the point of reception but does not increase the actual cellular signal strength of your AlarmNet cellular alarm monitoring communicator, the CELL-ANT3DB actually triples the cellular signal strength of your AlarmNet communicator.

The CELL-ANT3DB includes the weatherproof 3dB gain outdoor GSM antenna and the K14207LF MMCX-SMA adapter cable needed to connect the remote cellular antenna to the cellular alarm monitoring communicator’s internal antenna board. The 7670F mounting bracket used to securely mount the CELL-ANT3DB antenna is also included. You will need to purchase separately a WA7626-CA SMA-N RF adapter cable and a RF antenna coax cable which comes in various lengths (5/25/50’) to connect the GSM antenna to the cellular alarm communicator. We offer kits that include all the needed cables. You can find links to these kits at the bottom of this description.

Before installing your CELL-ANT3DB, make sure to disconnect all power to your AlarmNet dual path or cellular alarm monitoring communicator. Once power has been disconnected, including the backup battery, you should secure the SMA connector of the K14207LF adapter cable into the SMA mounting hole at the top of your cellular alarm communicator’s plastic enclosure and then carefully connect the MMCX end of the adapter cable into the external antenna port of your AlarmNet communicator. Connect your WA7626-CA cable (purchased separately) to the SMA connector and mount the N female connector on the wall using the included bracket. Then route whichever RF antenna coax cable you have purchased to the intended location of the CELL-ANT3DB. The 7626-5 will allow you to install the CELL-ATN3DB 5’ from your cellular alarm communicator. The 7626-25HC will provide 25’ of extension and the 7626-50HC will provide 50’. The 7626 cable has an N male connector on both ends. One end connects to the WA7626-CA cable and the other end connects to the N female connector on the CELL-ANT3DB. Secure the CELL-ANT3DB weatherproof antenna to your wall or to the outside of your house using the included 7670F mounting bracket. Finally, if you have installed your CELL-ANT3DB antenna outside, use the silicone rubber tape to wrap the N male to female connection to make it waterproof.

The AlarmNet CELL-ANT3DB remote weatherproof antenna will dramatically improve the cellular signal strength of the AlarmNet GSMV, VISTA-GSM, iGSMV and iGSMHS alarm monitoring communicators. If your Honeywell LYNX Plus GSMVLP or Honeywell GSMX cellular alarm communicator is not reliably connecting to the cellular GSM tower in your area, you will need to replace the internal antenna of the GSMVLP or GSMX with the GSM-EAA external antenna accessory before connecting the CELL-ANT3DB to improve the cellular signal strength. The CELL-ANT3DB is not compatible with the Honeywell L5000 LYNX Touch GSMVLP5 or the Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch GSMVLP5-4G cellular alarm monitoring communicators so if you have one of those Honeywell AlarmNet communicators, your only option would be to relocate your LYNX Touch alarm control panel.

NOTE: This antenna is also compatible with many of the the newer 4G LTE cellular communicators! This includes the LTE-L57A, the LTE-L57V, the LTE-XA, the LTE,XV, the LTE-IA, the LTE-IV, the LYRICLTE-A, and the LYRICLTE-V.

NOTE: You should look at the AlarmNet CELL3DB25KT or CELL3DB50KT antenna kits if you don’t already have the extra cables needed as they include everything you will need to connect your CELL-ANT3DB antenna to your AlarmNet cellular alarm monitoring communicator.

NOTE: This product was formerly known as the GSM-ANT3DB.

Brand: Honeywell

Outstanding Outdoor Antenna!
Submitted on 07/15/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell CELL-ANT3DB is an outdoor cellular antenna designed to boost the signals of cellular communicators. It was originally called the Honeywell GSM-ANT3DB, but the name was changed to CELL-ANT3DB to reflect the fact that the antenna can boost both 3G and LTE signals. As an outdoor antenna, the CELL-ANT3DB is usually installed on a roof or inside an attic. It can provide a stronger signal boost than most indoor antennas. However, it does require some special hardware to set up, and it is only compatible with certain Honeywell Communicators. Overall, we think the Honeywell CELL-ANT3DB is a very useful antenna, so we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many positive aspects regarding the Honeywell CELL-ANT3DB. For one, it provides a strong, 3dB gain, which should provide a major boost in cell signals, even for those in rural areas. The device is waterproof, which gives the user some good options in choosing a mounting location. You want to have the antenna high up and facing the nearest cell tower. Mounting hardware comes included, so that you can get started installing the antenna.

However, there are some downsides for the Honeywell CELL-ANT3DB that should also be considered. An SMA to N connector, such as the Honeywell WA7626-CA, must be purchased separately, as it is needed to connect the antenna to the communicator. Also, make sure to check compatibility, as the Honeywell CELL-ANT3DB will only work with certain Honeywell Cellular Communicators. And like any antenna, the Honeywell CELL-ANT3DB will need to be installed. This may be difficult for a DIYer if the antenna is being installed on the roof. But overall, these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from giving the Honeywell CELL-ANT3DB a 5 Star rating.

Good: 3dB Gain, Waterproof, Included Mounting Hardware

Bad: Extra Equipment Required, Must be Installed, Only Compatible w/ Certain Communicators

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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