Honeywell L5000DM

LYNX Touch Desk Mount

Honeywell l5000dm lynx touch desk mount

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The Honeywell L5000DM is a LYNX Touch desk mount for the L5000 and L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panels. While a LYNX Touch sec...
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The Honeywell L5000DM is a LYNX Touch desk mount for the L5000 and L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panels. While a LYNX Touch security system is normally mounted on the wall with the included screws and wall anchors, the L5000DM mounting base can be used for easy desktop mounting.

The Honeywell LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel is actually an all-in-one wireless security system. The L5000 and L5100 units both consist of a control panel with an integrated graphic touchscreen keypad, wireless receiver, backup battery and alarm siren. Simply add the Honeywell wireless security system sensors that your home needs to build your perfect LYNX Touch wireless security system. With a beautiful 4.7 inch color display, you’ll be proud to show off your new Honeywell LYNX Touch. The Honeywell L5000DM desk mount puts your LYNX Touch alarm control panel at a convenient angle for easy touchscreen system control. The L5000DM is perfect for mounting your LYNX Touch wireless security system on your kitchen counter or your office desk.

To install your Honeywell L5000DM desk mount, first route all wiring through the bottom of the desk mount and make the proper connections to the LYNX Touch unit. There are a few different wire entry points so that you can manage your LYNX Touch wires in an organized way. Next, simply position the L5000 or L5100 wireless alarm control panel over the plastic mount so that the locking tabs line up with the four mounting holes. Insert the locking tabs into the holes and slide the LYNX Touch down until it locks into place. Once the LYNX Touch is firmly seated on the mounting base, use tie wraps to secure all wires to the plastic wire loops that are a feature of the L5000DM desk mount. Finally, use the included screws to secure the LYNX Touch alarm control panel to the mounting base to complete your installation of the Honeywell L5000DM.

For anyone worried about the security of a LYNX Touch wireless security system that is mounted to the L5000DM desk mount, Alarm Grid’s Monitoring Plus plan which you can sign up for at our alarm monitoring sign up page includes Advanced Protection Logic (APL). The APL technology sends a message to the servers at AlarmNet as soon as an entry zone is activated. If a disarm command or an alarm is not generated by the time the entry delay times out, an automatic alarm is generated by AlarmNet and sent to Alarm Grid’s central station to protect against an intruder breaking in and destroying the LYNX Touch control panel before the actual alarm siren is activated. With a monitoring plan that includes APL, you can confidently display your LYNX Touch from wherever it’s most convenient to control your Honeywell wireless security system without having to worry about an intruder defeating the system.


Perfect for Night Stands Too!
Submitted on 03/22/2013

This desk mount was perfect for our small apartment. We're renting and did not want to lose our security deposit over an alarm system! Now I'm able to arm our system right from my bed where I have our L5100 mounted on our night stand. Thanks Honeywell for this great product!

- Jill

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