Adding a 5834 4 to a LYNXTouch

Adding a 5834 4 to a LYNXTouch

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idea where is dawn here with alarmgrid today we are going over how to learn a 50:34 into a lynx system today we're gonna be using the l7000 panel the process for this for the l7000 5210 5100 it's all the same process so we're just gonna do on the a 1000 today so first things first obviously you're gonna go into the tools section from your links if you don't see tools as an option you might see this you're gonna press on security more and then tools we're gonna be entering in our installer code ours is still the default 4 1 1 2 4 1 1 2 and then of course we're gonna go into program now program since we're using a key fob we're gonna be going into the key section right here as you can see we have no key fobs learned and yet if you did have any key fob learned in they would show here in order saying if you had like a name on it or anything today we're doing add new so key type for button for button key fob user you're gonna have to assign this to a user in order for it to work if this is just learned in and you don't select user won't let you finish the process so we're gonna assign this to the master and then serial number I'm gonna press on that now if you've done any programming for the link systems before you know that you can either do manual enrollment which is you typing in the serial number into the actual panel the seer number for the fob is located on the back the a you do not have to worry about it's only the actual numbers that you would have to worry about so we could type it in that way or what's more preferred as doing the actual auto enrolment so the auto enrolment you're just triggering the actual fob heard the beat from the panel once again to beeps see has our serial number there loop number I'm gonna check the installation guide to make sure and yes I was pressing the arm away button which does learn in as loop number three so we know that this is picking this up correctly has the correct serial number zero zero one zero or eight eight zero zero one zero four eight eight perfect and then we can either press done or trip this one more time I'm going to trip it one more time and there you go it kicks us back to the original screen so we have the Serie number there so we know that the fob has learned in doing the auto enrollment also lets you know that is communicating with the panel obviously if it wasn't working it wouldn't be able to send that signal zone the fobs go you know zones one forty and down when you're learning them in for the buttons so we have button one arm away loop three for the guide this guide does come with the fob so it is a pretty important to have this handy just in case button two is our disarm button the open padlock that is loop number two button three so our arms stay it's the one that has the person inside the home that is loop number four and then button 4 this is a loop number one by default this goes to no response basically meaning if I pressed that button right there nothing happens it just doesn't do anything at all normally this is set up as a panic option so when you go in there you'll see that you can either have it do something similar to the other three buttons disarmed arm away or stay you can have no response if you don't want it to do anything at all or you could have it be a panic 24-hour silent for silent police panic audible for audible auxilary is more of a medical panic silent burglary again silent and then fire no verification is basically a fire panic that's gonna send a signal saying you know you need the fire department there right away I'm gonna set this as a 24-hour silent usually actually I'll put that back usually when YC fobs it can be silent there's no issue with that but with these fobs there is a small chance of false triggering if this is in your pocket a bag of person anything like that you know if you're sitting down and you're sitting on it and it just presses this off and you don't realize since it's set to silent you would know to go and disarm the system if it's set to audible obviously if it's accidentally tripped it's gonna trigger that still send up the signal so you would have to kind of run to disarm that contact your Central Station let them know that you know there's no actual emergency but at least you know that it's going off so it's not just continuously going off so we'll do safe we have the fob right there button zones 140 through 143 four button fob back back always allow and saw it to re-enter so yes and then back right so besides the low battery we're ready to arm so I'm gonna try to arm the system with the key fob I'm gonna do arm stay there we go I'm stay what's going there's giving us our countdown and then I'm gonna do a disarm perfect so disarmed ready to arm now my fob worked right away if you have programmed the key fob and it's not functioning with the system even though you've done the auto enrolment you verified the buttons the loops everything you've saved it added a user code if you did everything right for programming but it's still not working you might be having an issue with a high security mode now mm-hmm high security mode we're gonna try to get this on the camera I'm gonna press it here I'll just do disarm so it doesn't make a noise the LED here you see it flashes red so that means that this is in high security mode now if this was in low security mode basically the difference is high security is the fob is encrypted low Security's it's not encrypted so if it was in low security mode let me just change it to that then press it again it's green that might not show too much on the camera but it's a green LED now instead of red I'm gonna change that back to high security we have videos and FAQ is explaining exactly how to change this from high security or low security it's fairly simple and then basically so if it's in high security but it's not functioning with the system you're gonna have to put the system in high security so quickly I'll show you this as well so it's tools installer code once again ours is the default for one one two there is a test option on both so we're gonna test for the Installer gives us more options and we're doing go/no-go tests so when you press this it's gonna kick you back to the screen go/no-go test so we know that we're in the actual setting and then basically what you would do is you would activate the fob in a certain way to get it to communicate with this and then this will give you two confirmation beeps basically just saying that it's recognized the fob I'm gonna attempt this right now there we go so to do it you're gonna be pressing the top two buttons and bottom left so your arm away your disarmed and your arm stay you hold all three of those down until you hear that double confirmation beep once that's done I'm gonna press on home until it pulls up the keypad we're gonna disarm 1 2 3 4 as you see go/no-go has disappeared we are back at ready to arm then we try to arm the system there we go disarmed perfect so mine worked before but if yours didn't work after you programmed it that's basically what you do so just as a quick recap tools installer code test go no-go it kicks you back to the previous screen then you'll gonna be pressing on the top 2 and the bottom right well bottom right facing this way bottom left button on the key fob hold those down until you hear double confirmation beat from this once you hear that press on the home button until you get your keypad disarmed 1 2 3 4 if it's still yours and then that would change from go/no-go to read it armed and that's how you put the system into high security mode you've learned the fob in you've gotten everything programmed correctly and now you have a portable device to arm and disarm the system not technically remotely but with a remote if you did want to learn more about the key fobs learning them in high security mode versus low secure mode learning into different types of systems check out our website alarmgrid calm and we likely have videos on those as well on our channel if you didn't like this video please like and subscribe hit the bell icon to be notified when we release more content