Is Honeywell L7000 Compatible w/ Alexa?

Yes, the Honeywell L7000 is compatible with Alexa. The L7000 can integrate with an Alexa network through Total Connect 2.0. This is a monitoring and automation platform that allows for remote system operation.. You can pair your TC2 account with your Alexa account using the TC2 Alexa Skill.

Honeywell l7000 wireless home security system with 7 inch screen

By pairing your L7000 System with your Alexa network, you can use Alexa voice commands to arm your system, provide you with its current status, and perform complete smart scenes. Please note that you cannot disarm using Alexa voice commands. Disarming was intentionally left out for security purposes. Also note that you cannot control individual smart devices through Amazon Alexa when used with a Honeywell L7000, unless you have a specific TC2 smart scene controlling a single device in the way that you want.

In order to use the L7000 as an automation controller, you must add a Honeywell L5100- ZWAVE Card. This add-on is what allows the L7000 to control Z-Wave devices. When you get an L7000 System monitored with a plan that includes automation, all of the paired Z-Wave devices will be pushed over to the AlarmNet360 servers that host Total Connect 2.0. This is what allows you to control your Z-Wave devices remotely. Note that L7000 is designed for use with Z-Wave automation devices, such as lights, locks, and thermostats. It is not designed for use with Z-Wave security sensors. The best security sensors for the L7000 are 345 MHz Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors.

When you use Alexa to control your L7000 or its connected devices, Alexa is not speaking with the L7000 directly. It is communicating with AlarmNet360 and Total Connect 2.0. That is why you must have your L7000 monitored and set up for home automation if you want to control the system through Amazon Alexa. You will pair your Total Connect 2.0 account that you created when signing up for monitoring service with your Amazon account using the Alexa App on your phone. If you search within the Skills & Games section of the Alexa App, you should find the Total Connect 2.0 Alexa skill that you can use to complete the process.

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