Honeywell Lyric Verizon-CDMA 3-1 Kit

Alarm System, 3 Door/Window Sensors, 1 Motion, 8' Cable

Honeywell lyricpk vz new dual path security system w slash veriz

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The LyricPK-VZ comes with a WIFI and Z-Wave ready Lyric controller, 3 VERSA-2GIG MINI door/window sensors, 1 SiXPIR, a LYRIC-CDMA, the Verizon version of the communicator and an LT-Cable for easy installation.
  • Z-Wave
  • Home Assistant
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Total Connect
  • Amazon Alexa

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Kit Includes

1 Motion, 3 Door/Window Sensors, 8' Cable
List Price: $650.00
Our Price: $325.99
Verizon Cellular Communicator for the Lyric Security System
HI Kelvin, upgrading wireless sensors is a bit more tricky than upgrading wired ones. There are a number of different devices that will allow you to convert wired to wireless sensors and change panels, but wireless sensors are a bit more proprietary. In some cases, there may be a Resolution Products translator that can translate your DSC sensors to communicate to a Honeywell panel. is one such device. Assuming this device is capable of translating for your DSC wireless devices (there are some DSC 900mHz wireless devices that I don't think are compatible) you could then use the Lyric alarm system with Total Connect 2.0 and your existing wireless devices.
Hello, I have a DSC system with about 15 wireless sensors. I am wanting to switch to a alarm system that lets me use the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 application via android phone. Can you recommend the lowest model or system that I could switch over to so I could be able to use the app?
It's a Honeywell alarm system that can be used as a non-monitored system and if you want monitoring, you'd have to go through a company that offers AlarmNet monitoring (which most alarm companies in the country do). We offer no-contract plans online at
Is this a non proprietary controller ?
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