How Do I Update the Firmware on my SIXFOB?

Updating the firmware on a Honeywell SiXFOB device requires you to know the Master Code for the Honeywell Lyric Controller. The Lyric Controller is first put into a special mode for updating the SiXFOB. You must then press all four buttons on the SiXFOB during the update process.

Unlike other SIX Series encrypted transmitters, the SIXFOB must be manually updated. Complete the following steps to update the firmware on a Honeywell SiXFOB:

1. Check the Lyric Firmware. The first step of the process is to make sure the Lyric Controller for the SIXFOB is on the latest Firmware Version. You can check the current version by going to Security > Tools > Installer Code (default is 4112) > Test > System Information. The Firmware version is listed as Sw. If you’re unsure whether your Firmware is the latest version check with your security dealer.

2. Put the Lyric into SiXFOB update mode. Once the Lyric Controller is on the latest version, go to Security > Tools > Master Code > Advanced > Update Keyfob Firmware. You’ll see some information at the upper-left of the Lyric display, and the words “Start” and “Stop” at the bottom right. The screen will prompt you to “Press Start". You must then immediately press all four key fob buttons on the device. Once you press it, the “Start” option disappears, so you’ll know when you’ve pressed it.

3. Update the SiXFOB. Immediately press all 4 buttons on the SIXFOB device. You will probably have to use both of your hands to do this. You may also get a friend to help you press the buttons. The Lyric screen will show you the progress of the update. The system will let you know when the update is completed. Also, the start button will reappear once the update has completed. Repeat these steps for any SIXFOB device programmed into the system.

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