Honeywell Lyric WIFI-Only 3-1 Kit

1 Motion, 3 Door/Window Sensors, 8' Cable

Honeywell lyricpk lyric security system w 3 door window sensor

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The LyricPK comes WIFI and Z-Wave ready with a Lyric controller, 3 VERSA-2GIG MINI door/window sensors, one SiXPIR and the LT-Cable.
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Yes you can setup the Lyric Controller outside the USA and setup the Total Connect 2.0 app service via WIFI. The only thing you will need to consider is getting the proper power adapter. The Lyric comes with the following transformer: and it must be used to offer the 9VDC power to the panel. You will need to find a converter where you can plug in the american standard 2-prong transformer. Unfortunately we do not carry them at this time.
hi, will the lyric system work ok on other countries outside of USA and Canada? I am interested in using them in New Zealand only for self monitoring with wifi and mobile app.
Yep, it can communicate over WIFI out of the box. There is also a Rogers cellular communicator that can be installed in the system for cellular communication.
Will this system work in Canada?
Yes you can and we can help! If you're looking to self monitor, but still want to be able to control the system remotely and get notified if the alarm is tripped, I suggest checking out our self plans:
Can I use this system for self monitoring?
Thanks for the info! Appreciate everyones help on this. Going to pull the trigger on this system.
Nope, you can get alarm monitoring service right through AlarmGrid for a Honeywell system.
Makes sense... thank you for that. Do Honeywell systems require monitoring through them or can I use the service AlarmGrid offers?
Honeywell offers a difference in price between an IP only system, and one that communicates using cellular. does not. That's what he meant, if you choose equipment that uses, you must go with Gold or Self Gold at a minimum.
I was actually looking at your plans, as your internet only plan seems reasonable. I guess I don't understand what you mean on the side. Does this change your opinion of which system I should get or are you partnered with in some way?
We have heard the Lyric may eventually offer Alexa integration but we aren't sure when. We are fairly certain that won't be discounting IP only plans, the way that Honeywell/AlarmNet does, so if you don't intend to use cellular monitoring because you want one of the less expensive IP only plans, that would be a reason to stay away from any panel that supports and use a Honeywell system instead.
So I am between the 2GIG GC3 and this unit. I read in another post, you recommend the 2GIG for Echo integration, and personally I think I would prefer that unit.... HOWEVER: I also want to do internet monitoring (versus cell) which I don't think is supported by 2GIG yet? Any info you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks,
Here are the compatibles for the Lyric: There are specific sections for Z-Wave devices. We do not have information for Amazon Echo integration with the Lyric at this time. If you are looking for that integration I recommend going with the 2GIG GC3 instead: (the platform used by the GC3) already supports Alexa devices...
Is there a hardare compatibility list for which Z-wave products are compatible with this controller? Also, do you know if it has integration into Amazon Echo yet? Thanks!
The Lyric is not HomeKit ready. Honeywell has plans to offer this integration but we do not have any exact dates.
Is this Lyric controller certified as Apple Homekit ready?
No, we don't do anything that would prevent you from using a system you buy from us with another company, even if you do activate it with us originally. If/when you ever cancel, we would just cancel the account with Honeywell and you'd be able to use the system with any other company that supports the Lyric system.
Do the Honeywell Lyric controllers you sell have any firmware or other restrictions that will preclude me from switching to a different monitoring service some day? I am thinking of moving to mars some day and would want to use a local monitoring service and don't want to purchase another controller.
We're unable to make substitutions in kits, but you can certainly add another SIXCT.
i am interested in this set however can i swap the keyfob for another SIXCT ? i have no use for the keyfob.
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