How Do I Pair an IQ Remote with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2?

You can pair an IQ Remote with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 by first putting the keypad and the system on the same WIFI network. Then simultaneously press the pair buttons on both devices to start the pairing process. The IQ Panel 2 will need to have its WIFI access point enabled for this to work.

Qolsys iq remote iq panel 2 remote touchscreen keypadComplete the following steps to pair an IQ Remote with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2:

1. Power the IQ Remote. Take the plug-in transformer, and connect it to the IQ Remote. There is an input on the back of the IQ Remote for this purpose. Then plug-in the transformer to the wall. Then hold down the power button on side of the IQ Remote to power it on.

2. Connect to WIFI. The IQ Remote must be on the same WIFI network as the IQ Panel 2 to work. After the IQ Remote has powered on, check the activate WIFI button at the top of the screen. Then choose the same WIFI network that the IQ Panel 2 is connected to. Enter in the network password, and click OK. The device should connect to the WIFI network.

3. Access system WIFI settings. Turn your attention to the IQ Panel 2 System. Make sure that the system is connected to the same WIFI network as the IQ Remote. If it isn't, follow this guide.

Press the small grey bar at the top of the IQ Panel 2 screen. Choose Settings > Advanced Settings > Master, Installer or Dealer Code (defaults are 1234, 1111 and 2222) > Devices > WIFI Devices. This will take you into the WIFI Settings menu.

4. Turn on access point. Choose Access Point Settings. Check the box for WIFI Access Point. This is the very first selection option available at the top. This will enable the system's access point. Then press the return arrow in the bottom-left corner to return to the previous menu.

5. Pair the devices. On the IQ Panel 2, choose IQ Remote Devices. Press the Pair button at the bottom. This will tell the IQ Panel 2 System to start looking for IQ Remotes to add.

Then on the IQ Panel 2, press the Pair button. This will tell the IQ Remote to start trying to pair with the IQ Panel 2.

If everything was configured properly, the two devices should begin pairing. It may take several minutes to complete the pairing process. If the IQ Remote requires any type of update for pairing, it will be downloaded during the pairing process. The process is complete when the IQ Remote displays the home screen of the IQ Panel 2 where a user can arm and disarm.

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