How Does the Qolsys IQ Remote Behave On a Partitioned System?

When a Qolsys IQ Remote is used on a partitioned system, then it can only control the partition to which it is assigned. It cannot arm or disarm the other partitions. You can assign the IQ Remote partition in the settings menu for the IQ Remote device. This must be done from the IQ2 or IQ2+.

When you have an IQ2 or IQ2+ enabled with partitioning, you are asked to immediately provide a system code whenever you sign on to control the main panel. The screen should go dark after a period of inactivity. It can be awakened by touching the screen or by briefly pressing and releasing the power button on the right side. The partition(s) you have access to will depend on the code you enter when prompted. You will have control over any partition that the code has authority over. The alarm panel will allow a user to scroll through all partitions that the user has been provided access to. Whereas moving from Security to Z-Wave device control, to Cameras and other screens requires a swipe left or right, moving between partitions requires a swipe up or down.

When you go to operate an IQ Remote, it doesn't behave in the same way. Instead, you will be at the main security screen, without being asked to preemptively enter a code. The assigned partition for the IQ Remote Keypad will be shown on the screen. If you go to arm or disarm the partition on the IQ Remote, then you will need to provide a code with authority for that partition. There is no way to switch to other partitions on the IQ Remote.

One important thing to note for the IQ Remote is that it can only control Z-Wave devices programmed on the IQ Panel 2 or IQ Panel 2 Plus System if the remote keypad is assigned Partition 1. In other words, you must have the IQ Remote on Partition 1 to control programmed Z-Wave devices for the main system. When you have the IQ Remote on Partition 1, then you will be able to swipe left and right on the main screen to access cards for automation devices. The cards that will be accessible will depend on what types of Z-Wave devices are enrolled with the IQ2 or IQ2+. You can have automation cards for lighting control, thermostat control, lock control, and more. However, if you have the IQ Remote assigned to a different partition, then the only accessible cards will be for arming/disarming the assigned partition and the card for viewing captured photos.

Obviously, an important factor for how you will be able to use your IQ Remote device is the partition it is assigned. You make this assignment in the settings menu for the IQ Remote device. You can only adjust this setting using the Installer Code or Dealer Code on the main IQ2 or IQ2+. If you have an enrolled IQ Remote device that you want to change the assigned partition for, then doing so is fairly easy. First, go to the main IQ2 or IQ2+ Panel. Activate the touchscreen. As is normal when partitions are enabled, you must provide a code. Enter in the Installer Code (default 1111) or the Dealer Code (default 2222). Swipe down from the grey bar at the top. Choose Settings > Advanced Settings > Installation > Devices > WIFI Devices > IQ Remote Devices. Then find the IQ Remote you want to configure, and click the pencil icon for it on the right-hand side. On the left-hand side, the second available setting should be "Partition Name". Change that setting to the partition you want the IQ Remote to control. Remember, you must set it to the first partition (default name Partition 1) if you want the IQ Remote to control programmed automation devices. Once you have selected the desired partition, press the Save button at the bottom. If you look at the IQ Remote screen while doing this, you will see that it automatically refreshes and reloads with the newly assigned partition being displayed. You can then return home on the main IQ2 or IQ2+ by pressing the picture of the house at the bottom of the screen.

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