Honeywell 947 diagram

Honeywell 947
Submitted on 10/22/2012

Had a large steel door that I never protected with my security sytem because the magnetic switches never worked. I just had a heavy duty lock on it and trusted it would work. Now I used this switch and the magnet isnt blocked by the steel door. Fixed a problem I lived with for a long time.

Honeywell 5800pir com exterior of wireless long range motion det

Extremely reliable motion detector.
Submitted on 10/22/2012

I use these throughout my warehouse and never have issues with false alarms. I have used many different motions in my past (GE, DSC, ELK, etc) but always had issues with false alarms. Great job Honeywell!

Honeywell vista 250bpt commercial alarm control panel

Used this to upgrade an older Vista128BPE
Submitted on 10/22/2012

I have a complex system with over 150 zones but was stuck using the old Total Connect 1.0 even though Honeywell had the newer Total Connect 2.0 available. I found this system and it was a snap to switch over. Now I have the much better Total Connect 2.0 service. Well worth the money.

Honeywell 5828 wireless fixed english alarm keypad

wireless keypad
Submitted on 10/22/2012

added this to my lyxn system because needed keypad at back door. easy to setup and works just like regular keypad

Honeywell vista 21ip internet alarm control panel open

Very solid system
Submitted on 10/22/2012

Internet monitoring works very well with the Vista21IP

Honeywell 300 04705 lynx touch l5100 power supply 9vdc 2 dot 7a

LYNX Touch Transformer
Submitted on 10/22/2012

When I hooked up my LYNX Touch I accidentally wired the power supply first and then touched the red and black wires. Oops! I had a hard time finding this part until I came across Alarm Grid. Talked to someone there that suggest the LT-Cable along with this and I had a much easier time hooking it up the second time. Dont touch wires!

Honeywell vista 50p alarm control panel

Submitted on 10/22/2012

I had an old system that had 9 zones that stopped working after a bad thunder storm. I'm thinking it got hit by lightning. I chose the 50p because it came with 9 without needing to buy any other zone expanders or whatever. I don't like spending money on my security but I do need it to work. This works!

Honeywell 1321 ac transformer 16 dot 5vac 25va

Made install easy
Submitted on 10/21/2012

I got the 1321 and it made installation of my Vista 20P panel incredibly easy. This and the Tuxedo Touch were the most awesome products I bought in addition to my panel. I am loving these things.

Honeywell 5834 4 wireless 4 button security key fob for honeywell security systems

Happy wife happy life
Submitted on 10/17/2012

Got this for my wife to use. Took a little getting used to, but she figured it out pretty quick. This key fob is awesome, and it make arming and disarming really easy. She's not a techy at all, and this made the whole getting an alarm thing easy as pie. She loves it, and now she's not complaining about the "complicated keypad thing."

Honeywell pro51btm 3 slash 8 diameter recessed contact with rare

No one knows its there
Submitted on 10/17/2012

I really hate the way most door contacts look. I was happy when my husband installed these because they aren't hideous, and they do their job just as well as any door contact we've ever used.