Honeywell vista 20p wired alarm control panel

Honeywell VISTA-20P - Wired Alarm Control Panel

Vista 20-P
Submitted on 09/25/2013 Jason Cleary

I'm a long time Vista user, since the Vista 5.
I was delighted to hear the Vista 20 can now interface to my Ericsson T-68i as i have already implemented a voice command system, eg, when i say " Office" or " Control Room" (sometimes i have to say these commands twice) the T-68i runs and internal batch file on the sub-processor and engages the software functions to work accordingly.
Do you think there will be a code release to interface the Vista 20 to my automated dog feeding setup? Essentially its a set of macros that run server-side and enable windows core services to allow machine code, that in turn enables virtual relays & I/O to lift a flap on the dog food container, once my pet comes within proximity range ( 15-30cm) of the embedded receiver on his bowl.

I look forward to Honeywells response. Thanks, Jason Cleary

Honeywell tuxedo touch talking color graphic touchscreen alarm keypad

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch - Talking Color Graphic Wired Touchscreen Alarm Keypad

Submitted on 09/07/2013 Jerry

Got this unit hard wired a year ago and I still cannot control any devices remotely i could only control through the local network which defeats the purpose of having this unit. My service provider is telling me they are waiting for some update from Honeywell. Been waiting for almost a year for this update and still waiting.

Honeywell 5822t wireless garage tilt sensor

Honeywell 5822T - Wireless Garage Tilt Sensor

Submitted on 08/19/2013 Jeff Adams

This is a great little device, I like knowing when my garage door is open. However this device does not list for $50, dealer cost is $35 which would make it a 30% mark up $42 which is still a fair price but your not saving any money because it was never priced at $50 to being with.

Ultratech 1240 alarm control panel battery backup 12v 4 dot 5ah

UltraTech 1240 - Alarm Control Panel Battery Backup 12V 4.5Ah

Great Battery!
Submitted on 07/08/2013 Preston Mainard

This is a great battery to purchase for my Ademco 20P. This was also the cheapest price! I would recommend this to anybody!!!

Honeywell 5881enm 16 zone wireless receiver

Honeywell 5881ENM - 16 Zone Wireless Receiver

Submitted on 05/03/2013 shane

easy to install. good range. i am happy with mine

Honeywell 5834 4 wireless 4 button security key fob for honeywell security systems

Honeywell 5834-4 - Wireless 4 Button Security Key Fob

Submitted on 05/03/2013 shane

works great and makes things easier and faster. my wife and both love the fob.

Honeywell wave2 two tone siren

Honeywell WAVE2 - Two-Tone Siren

Submitted on 05/03/2013 shane

siren looks good, works good, and is easy to install. what else could you want?

Honeywell 710 - Strobe Warning Light

Submitted on 05/03/2013 shane

works great! i can see it a mile away!

Amseco ssx 52s weatherproof alarm siren with strobe

Amseco SSX-52S - Weatherproof Alarm Siren with Strobe

Submitted on 05/03/2013 shane

it is loud, you could hear it along ways away. very easy to install. i also like the tamper feature it has.

System sensor 2w b 2 wire smoke detector

System Sensor 2W-B - 2-Wire Smoke Detector

Submitted on 05/03/2013 shane

they work perfectly and make me feel much more comfortable while i am away.