How Do I Un-Bypass A Bypassed Zone On a Honeywell System?

How Do I Un-Bypass A Bypassed Zone On a Honeywell System?

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In this video, Jorge explains how to un-bypass a panel zone that is currently bypassed. When a zone is bypassed, the system will ignore that zone, even if the rest of the system is armed. Bypassing a zone can be useful, but a user will likely want to un-bypass the zone at some point to use it later.

Any zone that is bypassed will be ignored by the system. If the sensor for a bypassed zone is faulted, the system will not display the fault. A bypassed zone is also unable to cause an alarm on the system at any time. Any type of zone can be bypassed, with the exception of life-safety zones. Bypassing a zone can be helpful in various situations. The most common reason to bypass a zone is that a user wants to arm their system, but a sensor is currently in a faulted or troubled state. A user may also bypass a sensor if they expect the sensor to be faulted while the system is armed, but they don't want the sensor to cause an alarm.

The advantage to bypassing a sensor is that all of the settings for the sensor will be retained on the system, and the sensor can be easily used later. If it were impossible to bypass the sensor, then the user would have to delete the sensor and reprogram it later on. This would be a very inconvenient task for temporarily disabling a sensor. Instead, bypassing a sensor is the logical solution in these cases. Bypassing can be done both from the panel itself and from an interactive service like Total Connect 2.0.

But when a user does want to use a bypassed sensor, they will have to un-bypass it on the system. This will return the zone to normal and have it recognized by the system again. Once a zone has been un-passed, the system will display any faults or trouble conditions that may occur for that zone. The associate sensor will also be able to cause alarms.


hey di wires I'm George at alarm grid and today we're going to be going over how to unbiased a bypass zone on a Honeywell system so to start off I'm going to be working with my lyric today and as you see it is already in a faulted state which means that a door is opened and it is not ready to arm as you see at the very top not ready to arm and it even tells you the zone that is faulted so first of all what is a bypass zone a bypass zone is a zone that you as a user can actually tell the system to ignore so let's say you have a window on the second floor that you want to leave open but you want to arm the system let's say overnight so if you want it to leave that window open and you didn't want that to stop you from arming the system you can just bypass that window zone and then you can continue on in the system now the danger in doing that is if you do BiPAP do bypasses own and if that zone does get triggered or open or changes state for any reason whatsoever you guys do not get notified because the system is completely ignoring that zone so make sure before you guys bypass a zone that you guys actually want the system to ignore it so today just for the sake of the video I'm gonna show you guys how to bypass it and then how to clear that bypass so right now it says the front door is by is the front door is faulted which is why it says not ready to arm so I'm gonna make my way over to the zones and this is both technically the same structure as a lynx panel as well I'm just showing it on lyric so right there it shows us the zone that is faulted and from this screen so I'm gonna back us out to the home screen again and real fast so this is the the arming screen right if you hit zones in the bottom right takes you to all your zones and it shows you the faulted one I'm gonna highlight it blue if you have more zones they'll all be in there and you can actually select multiple ones if you'd like to I'm just gonna select one and then if you see here it says by pass so if I hit bypass it's gonna ask me to enter in my master code which for me is one two three four since my panel is defaulted I'm using the default master code yours may be different it should be different so now it says no items to display and if you see at the very top now the system goes ready to iron even though my sensor is still faulted I remember what I said the system ignores the sensor so I can close it open it close it open it nothing is gonna happen on the lyric system because it's ignoring this sensor here so now the actual question is how do i unbias it to unbox it it's a very similar procedure go to the arming screen you make your way over to sorry you make your way over to zones and when you go into your zones it shows you what I have in my system right now and if you look at the front door right there has a little circle with the line going through it letting us know that it's faulted now on the bottom it says clear bypass so I'm gonna go ahead and clear it again it's gonna ask you for your master code I'm gonna enter in 1 2 3 4 yes so now the system since I clear the bypass it is no longer ignoring the the signal sent from the sensor so I can remove it and you hear a chime and when I close it it goes back into ready to iron I remove it not ready to arm put it back and it shows ready to arm now one one other thing that you guys can do on this system it's called a force bypass it is something that needs to be enabled I'll show you guys really quick how to do that so force bypass is basically if you want to arm the system regardless of any doors or windows or any of those kind of sensors being faulted you can do so but you need to enable force bypass to do that you go to tools enter in the installer code for me it's my default for one one two years could be different make your way over to programming system settings and then force bypass I have mine enabled for the video but usually it would be set to no so you switch it to yes you hit save and then you back out all the way to the home screen now if I have my sensor faulted I go again I'm making my way over to zones and now if you have a lot of sensors bypass or a lot of sensors opened you can actually just do bypass faulted enter in the master code and it'll bypass every open zone you have so you don't have to select one by one you can just any open zone you have boom you can bypass it right away again do keep in mind if you bypass it the system is ignoring those signals which means that no alarm would be triggered for that sensor so you want to make sure you guys do select cautiously yeah one other important note you want to take down whenever you're bypassing zones only the only ones that cannot be bypassed are smoke detectors or carbon carbon monoxide detectors yeah anything that's fire or Co you guys cannot bypass those sensors as that is a life threatening feature that if you bypass something could go horribly wrong which we would not want that so the systems do not let you bypass fire or CO detectors yeah so that is how to bypass ozone on the lyric I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys how to bypass the zone on a Vista panel now all right so now we're gonna make our way over to our Vista panel now so if you take a look here on the Vista panel I have a sixty one sixty and I have it set to partition one and it is not in a ready to arm state which means that like the lyric kernel I also have a sensor that it is faulted on this system so you can actually hit star to show you the faults and it'll show you that I have a full nine this is a wireless sensor that I have programmed into the system when I connect the magnet to the sensor it'll go into a ready to arm State there you go yeah so again I'm gonna show you guys how to unbox a bypass zone so the first thing we need to do is bypass the zone so to do that you enter in the master code the command which is 6 and then the actual zone number so I'm gonna enter in my master code which again is 1 2 3 4 so I go 1 2 3 4 6 the bypass and then my my zone number 0 9 it says bypass 0 9 so now if I have the sensor I can close it and open it nothing is gonna happen on this keypad because it is bypassed yeah now the easiest way to clear the bypass is to just disarm the system so even though it isn't already to armed state if you enter in the master code and one for off it'll clear that bypass as you'll see here 1 2 3 4 1 yes it has clear the bypass and you can tell because when I fall to sensor it's no longer ignoring it right now this system as well has a bypass all feature or force bypass it's enabled through a programming I don't know the exact field but I'm gonna show you guys how it works so I'm gonna follow the sensor now let's say I have multiple open it'll obviously show me all my faults right now only have 9 so without actually bypassing sensor zone by zone I can actually do a 4th bypass so it's gonna bypass all faulted zones still to do that you enter in 1 2 3 4 6 and pound sorry 1 2 3 4 6 pound watch 1 2 3 4 6 pound it bypasses all my open zones the only one I have is the zone 9 and then it goes into it ready to arm state and now it is ready to arm and if you want a disarm it 1 2 3 4 1 disarms it it clears the bypass and my sensor is faulted it does shows the system is not ready to arm once I close it up boom ready to arm light is back on so again this was just a quick video on how to clear bypass or how to unbe past bypass zones on a Honeywell system we worked first on the lyric and then we worked with the Vista panel easiest thing to remember is to just disarm the system if you guys have Total Connect you guys can disarm the system from Total Connect and you can actually clear bypassed sensors through there and Total Connect which is interactive service once you have monitoring also allows you to bypass zones from the app as well if you guys have any questions whatsoever you guys can email us at support at alarm grid comm if you found this video helpful make sure that you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable notifications that way whenever we upload new content you guys do get notified again guys my name is Jorge I'll see you guys next time bye