What Is Bypassing A Zone On A Security System?

What Is Bypassing A Zone On A Security System?

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http://alrm.gd/get-monitored Note: In addition to not needing to bypass a fire zone in order to arm the system, in fact, you are not able to bypass fire zones.


hey di Juarez Dylan here with alarmgrid today we're going over how to bypass the zones on security system today we're gonna be talking about the Vista panel as well as the lyric I'm gonna stick to Honeywell today by passing zones I'm pretty much majority all-in-one systems it's pretty similar pretty simple this so it's a little bit different and there's a little extra option there that I'm gonna show you as well so to start off with the Vista we have our Vista panel as you can see in a reddit arm State what I've done is I've wired resistors to zones one into my program zone one as a fire zone which is usually how it's going to be set up and I programmed zone number two as a front door sensor just normal burglar zone sensor enter exit that's not really important too much so we're not arming it but so what we're gonna do to simulate a trouble which is usually when you're gonna have to bypass the system you'll bypass sorry bypass the sensor you'll bypass a sensor if these almost troubled basically if there's an issue with it and you just don't have time to resolve the issue or delete the zone and you need to arm the system or if you want to just leave like a window or a door open while this system is armed so say you know you're at home you do an arm stay but it's nice and breezy outside you want keep the windows open will bypass windows allowing you to arm the system so to show how to bypass zones so the first way you can bypass a zone on the Vista is by entering the master code six as you can see it says bypass and then the zone number you can also do what's called a force bypass this bypasses all the zones that need to be bypassed forced bypass does not mean that it's going to arm the system automatically when you do this it's just going to bypass everything allowing you to arm the system afterwards so for example that is the master code followed by six followed by pound so I'm gonna show you how to do both in just a moment side note so for bypassing zones the only types of zones that you need to bypass or burglary zones that would be door contacts window contacts glass breaks motions anything like that fire zones smoke CIO's heat temperatures heat detectors you do not have to bypass so as mentioned I have zone number one set as a fire and zone number two set as a front door so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna loosen the resistor on zone one simulating a fault in my smoke detector and then you'll see on here it's gonna trip the 10 it's gonna trip a trouble it will say that's still rented RM Mouse so even be able to arm it just want to see how it is so let's go ahead and undo zone number one loosen the resistor ties in here we're already getting the trouble beeping silence that then as you can see here it says fire trouble 1 now it doesn't say anything about not ready my ready light is still on so let's even go ahead and try to arm it so our master code is still the default one two three four there we go arms stay I still have a fire trouble so that's showing that even if a fire zone is in trouble you don't have to bypass it or anything the arm the system so we need disarm disarmed still have my fire trouble message and let me know so now I'm going to undo the resistor on zone number two which is our front door so this would be you know say the wire comes loose or something wrong with your contacts anything like that that would cause a trouble state for that system so let me do a second disarm on here hit start for faults fault zero two front door that's the other one that we just did alright so I have my zone one still faulted which obviously isn't really that big of deal zone to being faulted however my ready light is off show this hit star for faults usually if it shows that no you have an issue I'm gonna try to arm it and when you see when I try to army it shows fault zero two front door so what I'm gonna do is first show how to bypass it just by zone number so I'm gonna do one two three four six zero to bypass zero two front door disarmed bypass reddit arm so I bypass that zone specifically my zone one is still in a trouble state but as you can see the panel does not care about that at all I have my ready light on let's go in arm it armed stay zone PI past disarmed hit star for false shows my fault ready light is off every time you disarm a system is gonna undo your bypasses starting to get rid of that message so just kind of go over that one little part so what we did is we bypassed that specific zone so I did the master code followed by six for bypass and then the zone member so if it's zone 2 you have to do 0 and then 2 so 1 2 3 4 6 0 2 now by passing zone number 2 now we're just gonna do a full bypass so that's called the force bypass so for that that's the master code followed by 6 for bypass fall by pound so 1 2 3 4 6 pound turn the bypass there it's our bypass right at arm have my regulate on there you go so similar this one obviously the force bypasses if you have like a lot of zones are trying to bypass so my example before if you have Windows it's nice breezy the outside you want to leave a lot your windows open instead of going through you know 0 2 0 3 0 4 and then going through all the zones together force bypass easy enough just get some I either way and disarm and then just to show once I fix the trouble close that zone there so this is indicating that I'm fixing the trouble for Zone two and even though it doesn't really matter I'm gonna fix the zone for number one okay so both my resistors are now back on simulating that the sensors are fine ready to arm ready light I don't get any trouble so if I press star nothing happens then obviously I don't need a bypass anymore with that next we're going to show is how to do it on a lyric panel okay so we have the lyric panel here what I've done is I've programmed this 2gig door sensor to the actual panel so we'll just wake this up real quick so I'm just gonna fault this to make sure it's working we've got that door or six-hour and down there and beeped then close back up ready to arm so for bypassing on the lyric it's actually very very very simple so we're gonna open the door so nating you know a fault and obviously same idea if this is also in a trouble state you'll have to bypass as well so that would be a tamper a battery anything like that here let's actually test that as well it's gonna pop this open we've got our tamper there so tamper three front door not ready to arm I don't have an arm option here so it's not like the Vista where I can just try to arm it it doesn't even give me the option so I'm going to close that back up sensors nice and closed let's disarm to confirm oops then once more because it still shows there we go so tamper is resolved now I'm just gonna fault it again fault the door as you can see I don't have my arming option so what I'm gonna have to do is go into zones or I can do arm custom so if you do arm custom this is kind of like a quick way to bypass zone so you want to select the zone you want to bypass arm custom enter your master code of course you're arming and there you go arms a little low but as you can see here it says arm custom exit now bypass so I'm going to disarm so yeah so just to recap so you can do arm custom that's gonna show you all your zones that you have programmed here we only have the front door just for the video but if you want to bypass a zone you're gonna highlight it so any blue highlighted zone on there you know it's gonna be bypassed armed custom code it will arm in there bypass it you can also do going through zones same exact idea you'll see all the zones here that you're programmed hit it bypass code and then there you go render arm bypassed no items to display so that's selecting fault these are all my bypass zones so I can clear the bypass too if I wanted clear bypass you can have to enter your master code again that unbias is at zone so I didn't really disarm the system I just kind of undid the bypass so we got that there select bypass to nothing and then as you can see orange indicating you know a fault because my sin in my door are still open so yeah that's pretty much how you do it on the lyric next I'm gonna go show you how to do it on a gc3 panel okay so we've done the Vista we've done the lyric area of the gc3 gc3 is very very simple as well like I mentioned usually all the on one touchscreen wireless systems making it easy as possible to use these systems in general so bypassing is the same it's very very easy I use the same door contact I used on the lyric programmed it to our gc3 so what I'm gonna do is fall to the zone and then as you can see right here on the main screen we have a bypass all option press on that it's gonna ask you enter your code whoops there we go so we have a one pressing on that that shows our bypass centers as you can see it says ready to arm bypass even though my door is open it's wide open so I can do an arm sting I got that and then as mentioned previously whenever you disarm on any system it's gonna undo your bypass another way to do a bypass for sensors is here is system settings bypass sensors and then you can show here sensor one so on the bypass it from there right at arm I got on bypass it from there then you can also get to that using either the installer code reset first could I use two one five six one or the default mask code which is one one one one either one shows you the bypass sensors option and then you know to select which one you want to bypass shows bypassed you can go back arm it or do bypass off from there enter your master code arm very easy last panel we're gonna go to also super easy is the closest closest actually has a feature for a auto bypass so we're going to look at that real quick okay final panel we're talking about today is the closest IQ to panel so as mentioned this does have an auto bypass feature I have disabled that for now pretty much when all the bypass is enabled what happens is default my Center here got my front door open they're broken chain means that it is faulted so if I had all the bypass still enable it's kind of self-explanatory what it does it just bypasses it right away you don't have to worry about it so what you would do is basically no army right now since I have it disabled we get this message if I had it still enabled you won't get that message it would just go straight to arming though showing us bypass there you wouldn't really have to do anything at all that's kind of a plus and a minus obviously you know it's going to show you all the zones that are faulted there prior to arming so they really shouldn't be an issue with you not knowing hey window.open something like that because it's still going to show you out there this just gives you a little extra verification if you want to actually do it so I'm gonna press ok that's the bypass right there very easy someone follow arrow going over it hasn't it basically so we'll come over the sensors are we really worrying about at all so desire perfect right there still and then just to show you followed by past was still enabled one five six one is the default and solar I'm sorry two main panels could get confused one default installer code you go to installation security arming auto bypass I'm going to enable that back to home and now when I bought when I armed it we're not gonna get that message this goes right to arming it has our bypass symbol right there easy enough so any sensor that was open or false it's gonna show it layer is gonna show up it's bypassed or not the auto bypass enabled now if you don't have that about that enabled or just get that little prompt there saying you know we'll drive to bypass okay so we went over good amount of bypassing today we went over Vista panel we went over lyric panel gc3 closest iq2 we do have more epic use on our website wwlp.com if you want to learn more about bypassing any sensors on systems I didn't go over today today please you know if you didn't like this video like and subscribe in ft bill I can't be notified if you know when girlies for content if you have any questions about bypassing sensor systems monitoring anything like that send us an email support at alarm grid calm and is everything love you guys like the video is pleasure being here this is Dylan from alarm grid thank you for watching