Honeywell 5877GDPK

Wireless Relay Module with Z-Wave Siren

Honeywell 5877 wireless relay module

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The Honeywell 5877 is a wireless relay module that allows you to control any relay activated device with the touch of a button from a sup...
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The Honeywell 5877 is a wireless relay module that allows you to control any relay activated device with the touch of a button from a supported wireless alarm system or a Honeywell 5800 Series wireless security key fob. The 5877 relay module provides the easiest way to add remote garage door control to a Honeywell wireless security system like the LYNX Touch panels or the Lyric panels. It is not supported on VISTA series alarm system including the VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P and VISTA-21iP. Garage door control on a VISTA panel will require a Z-Wave controller like the Tuxedo Touch or VAM along with a compatible Z-Wave relay like the Linear GD00Z-4. Be sure to confirm firmware revision with your alarm company on the Tux or VAM when integrating one of these relays. The GD00Z-4 will not work with Lynx Touch or Lyric panels.

The first thing to do when installing the 5877 is wire it directly to your garage motor (Note: This device does not interface with My Q garage door openers). It uses a simple, local 2-wire connection. Any gauge between 18 to 22AWG will work. First land the two connections in parallel (on top of) the existing pair of wires that run to the manual wall button switch. Then land the common or ground on "COM" terminal on the 5877. Finally land the second connection on "NO" for normally open motors or "NC" for normally closed. If you are not sure, trial by error is fine. You will not damage the motor. It simply will or will not work. After the relay is hardwired to the motor plug in the transformer to a local power outlet. Generally there is a duplex with an open outlet just above the motor.

To view open or closed status of the garage door it requires the Honeywell 5822T garage tilt sensor or a 5816 door sensor. Check out our garage door controller kit aka GDCK that bundles the 5877 relay with the 5822T tilt sensor. The sensor must be programmed to specified garage overhead door zones. These zones are mentioned in the installation manual of each compatible alarm system. For example, zones 127 through 130 are specified as garage door zones. Zone 127 matches to "Garage Door 1" in the automation section. Zone 128 to garage door 2 and so on. On the Lyric controller, you can control up to 4 garage doors. The 5877 pairs directly to a Honeywell alarm system like the Lyric Controller in the Automation section. There is a "garage door setup" icon after you press the down arrow. The best practice is to setup the 5822T tilt sensor in a garage door zone first. Then assign the 5877 to the corresponding "garage door" in the automation section. Lastly include the zwave siren and test.

The 5877GDPK is the combination of the 5877 relay and the Fortrezz SSA-1 Z-Wave siren. Hence the "GDPK" for garage door pack. The SSA-1 will provide audio-visual warning when the door is operated by the 5877. Essentially this is a liability issue to prevent any young children from being injured by the overhead door. As most overhead doors have proximity sensors to prevent this type of issue you can decide whether or not to install the siren. Honeywell prefers that you do install it. The siren is included in the garage door section under automation.

Key fobs like the 5834-4 enroll directly with the relay. Then you can use your wireless key fob to remotely disarm your security system and open your garage door with just a press and hold of a button.


OK, will do. This project is a couple of months in the future. Doing preliminary research now.
Yes, I do believe we had one of our more industrious users figure out how to "hack it" and make it work but it's not something we'd recommend ourselves. If you do get it working, we'd be interested to hear what you did though.
Hi Sterling. I did some more research on this. Apparently, the issue is with the wired MyQ door controller putting signals on the wire (not sure of protocol) to communicate with the main motor/drive unit. That's how it is able to program the unit, display status conditions, etc. from the MyQ door controller/display. So it's a more complex signal from what would come from a simple doorbell-style switch. Operation of a relay on the wired circuit confuses/reboots the door controller. I've found workarounds that involve physical hacking of the door controller or wireless controller pushbuttons to tap into their switches upstream -- thereby not affecting the line signals. I may try doing this, but I think it's not something you want to advocate as a recommended practice for customers. So, thanks for including the warning in the 5877 description.
There is something special about the Chamberlain MyQ doors that prevent them from working with the 5877 RF relay module. We're not sure exactly what about the MyQ door controller prevents the 5877 from functioning but Honeywell has the note listed in the installation guide for the 5877.
Could you please elaborate on this point in the item description: "Note: This device does not interface with My Q garage door openers". I'm asking because I'm considering the purchase of a Chamberlain MyQ opener, but also wish to operate it via Lynx/Lyric using a 5877.
For the garage door, we have this kit, that includes the 5877 and the 5822T ( ) And I think Sterling meant 5816OD.
I would use the 5826OD ( ) for your gate.
What type of sensor would you recommend for a gate, it opens sideways. (so I can tell if its open or closed) Relay would be enclosed within the motor cover.
Yes, the 5877 should work to control your door from the Lyric panel. You would also need a sensor on the overhead door as well so that the panel can tell if the door is open or closed. We recommend the 5822T ( ). I would think the 5877 would work on the gate as well as it's a simple RF relay. You would have to have an outlet near the gate for power though and it's not designed for outdoors.
Hello! I have a Crafstman Assurelink Model 139.55918 which I would like to open with this relay, would it work? I also have a rolling gate which open via its own remote control can I use it here as well? I have a Lyric controller by the way.
Well the GDCK allows you to control and view status of the garage door from the panel and TC. If you have TC automation you can setup a smart scene to open or close the garage as well. Thanks for the feedback! We try our best to extrapolate everything from all the tech integration madness...
Hi Frank, Thank you for the quick reply. Am i getting this right? the sixfob button can be program to open the garage door? If so will this be a TC2 programable option, or directly from the controller under the buttons programming? Thanks again. BTW, you guys are a great source of specific info in an arena of very vague affirmations by third party resellers.
Yes it can. I recommend the GDCK which includes the 5822T tilt sensor: We just added a link to this kit in this product description so it is more accessible to future customers looking to integrate control and status of their garage door with the Lyric controller!
Hello, can this relay be operated by the lyric controller through the remote?. I have a detached garage, in which i have to open the garage, park, walk to the house and disarm with keyfob before the alarm goes off. Thanks
That is a bit long but there is a slight delay. Not really anyway to remedy that besides physically moving the relay away from any obstructions.
Hi is it normal to have a 7 sec delay before the relay activities when on the l5100 2gen
Sorry we must have missed this! Yes its a momentary activation of the relay. Once the motor senses the voltage it should toggle to the opposite setting. For example, if it is closed once the relay sends the momentary voltage it will fully open the door. We just updated our product description so feel free to read through this page again for some more details.
I plan to connect the COM and NC from the 5877 to my gate opener which has the COM and + connections for the close/open using a push button. Does the 5877 activates the relay terminals momentarily (acting like a push button) or certain period of time?
Reporter failure means the panel has tried to communicate via the dialer, and failed. If you don't have a phone line hooked up, you should go into Program and then Reporter then Primary CS Info and make the phone type "None". This will tell the panel there is no dialer, and keep it from attempting to communicate that way.
Have you installed a contact on the garage door? You will need to install a 5822T or 5816 in zones 45 through 48. This is the only way to view status of the garage overhead door. The relay is dumb and simply toggles the motor. There is no way for it to know the status of the garage door. Please review this FAQ:
Hi I've had 2 installers come and try to install the relay and failed.I have a 5200 panel. I can operate the garage doorfrom the panel but it doesn't register under events on whether the garage door is open or closed. Also we can't operate it through TC. The panel gives an error stating reporter failure, which the techs can't figure out. Please help
The relay is not sold on its own as you need to have a siren that would sound when remotely controlling the garage door. Technically all you need is a 5877 for each door as you can have both doors activate one siren.
Just the 5877 relay? Or the entire 5877GDPK kit?
Each overhead door will needs its own 5877 relay module.
Hi, I have a Lynx 5200 with the Z-Wave module. I have 2 garage doors that I'm trying to get set up with the panel with monitoring only, not secured under arming. I know I'll need 2 of the 5822T sensors. Do I need only one 5877GDPK kit? Or will I need 2?
Unfortunately, per the programming guide, "the 5877GDPK is not compatible with: - Chamberlin/Lift Master MyQ technology (Including but not limited to; Models 8550, 8360 and 8500). - One piece or swinging garage doors." I do believe the myQ garage doors provide you with free WIFI access to open/close the door so you would just have to run that control separately, outside of the TC 2.0 app, if you have one of those door controllers.
Will this work with a myQ garage door opener? If not how will I be able to open/close my garage door with TC 2.0?
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