Are Nest Thermostats Z Wave Compatible?

No, Nest Thermostats are not Z-Wave compatible. They cannot pair directly with an alarm panel that offers Z-Wave functionality. But you can complete an integration to use your Google Nest Thermostat with Many alarm panels will readily interface with Z-Wave thermostats.

The Google Nest Thermostat is a WIFI thermostat built for use with many of the Google home automation and smart home networks. If you are building around the Google Home platform, then a Nest Thermostat might be perfect for you. The only problem is that different smart protocols don't always "play nicely" together, and it most likely won't be possible for you to truly integrate the device with your alarm system. In most cases, you will really only integrate Z-Wave automation devices with your system. And since the Nest isn't Z-Wave, it's hard to pair it with a system.

Despite this, many people still prefer the Google Nest for its functionality with the Google Home platform. If you ultimately decide that the Nest is for you, then you do have one option for using it alongside your system. If you use to control your system remotely, then you can complete an integration that will allow you to control your Nest Thermostat through that platform. This integration is somewhat limited, but it is still a viable option for many users. You can check out this FAQ to learn more about the integration.

If you are still considering thermostats, then we would suggest looking into a Z-Wave thermostat. The advantage to a Z-Wave thermostat is that most modern wireless security systems will be readily able to support it, often with no extra equipment being required. If the system is monitored with a plan that includes home automation, such as an Alarm Grid Silver Plan, then it will automatically be pushed over to the associated interactive service platform used with the system. For most of our panels, this is either or Total Connect 2.0. The integration will be much more robust and complete than if you set up a Nest Thermostat for use with Two of the best Z-Wave Thermostats available right now are the Honeywell T6 PRO and the ADC-T3000.

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