Wireless Encrypted Security Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is the Installer Toolbox Icon Grayed Out On My 2GIG GC3e?
You cannot access the 2GIG GC3e Installer Toolbox when the system is Armed, because the option will be grayed out. Learn about the 2GIG GC3e and its Installer Toolbox Menu.

Are There Encrypted Sensors For a 2GIG GC3e?
​The GC3e supports the 2GIG Encrypted Sensors, which are built for use with compatible 2GIG Systems. Encryption provides enhanced wireless security. Learn about encrypted Sensors.

Which Sensors Work w/ Qolsys Systems?
Qolsys Alarm Systems are designed to interface with alarm sensors that operate at a frequency of 319.5 MHz. This includes any security sensor that is manufactured by Qolsys. The company produces both encrypted and non-encrypted sensors for their systems. Learn more about 319.5 MHz sensors.