Are There Encrypted Sensors For a 2GIG GC3e?

Yes, there are encrypted sensors for a 2GIG GC3e. This system can support 2GIG Encrypted Sensors, which are designed exclusively for use with compatible 2GIG Security Panels. These encrypted sensors provide enhanced wireless security and protection when compared with conventional sensors.

When a sensor is encrypted, it means that a secure encryption key is shared between the sensor and the panel at the time of device enrollment. This essentially links the sensor and the panel. The sensor then needs to share the encryption key whenever it is sending fault signals to the panel. Without the encryption key, the signals will not go through properly. This makes it virtually impossible to trick the panel with false or misleading signals. Some of the different possible encryption methods for security systems include rolling code encryption and AES encryption.

Encrypted communication results in a more secure sensor than a device using standard, unsecure communication. That type of setup just involves the sensor communicating with the panel. The sensor will send out the exact same signal to the panel each time a particular action occurs. This makes these signals easy to copy and duplicate. With that in mind, you will want to use encrypted sensors with your most secure zones for improved wireless protection.

A great thing about the 2GIG GC3e System is that it supports a relatively exclusive lineup of encrypted security sensors. These encrypted sensors can only be used with the 2GIG GC3e and the 2GIG GC2e Security Systems. Using these devices with your 2GIG GC3e will help you maintain a secure and protected system at all times. As of October 2019, only a small number of 2GIG Wireless Encrypted Sensors have been released. It is expected that 2GIG will release more of these devices in the near future. But at this time, only the following 2GIG Encrypted Sensors are available:

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