Wired Combination CO/Smoke Detectors Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Wire and Use a COSMO-2W Combination Smoke/CO Detector?
Wiring a COSMO-2W is very similar to using a 4-wire smoke. The COSMO-2W connects to a COSMOD-2W. The COSMOD-2W then connects to the panel. Learn to use the COSMO-2W.

What is a Smoke/Heat Combination Detector Called?
A sensor that features both smoke and heat detection capabilities is simply called a "smoke and heat detector". Learn about smoke and heat detectors.

How Do I Reset the Fire Alarm on My Security System?
In most cases, disarming the system twice will reset the fire alarm and clear the display. The smoke detector must be free of smoke when doing this. Learn to reset the fire alarm.