Can I use a Honeywell 5800Micra on wood window frames?

Honeywell 5800Micra wireless recessed window sensors are perfect for anyone that needs perimeter protection without wanting to sacrifice the natural look of their home. The 5800Micra is made up of a very small plastic transmitter that is only 3/4" in diameter and a flat surface mount magnet. You install the wireless transmitter into the window frame and when the protected window opens during an intrusion, the magnet attached to the window separates from the sensor and sends an alarm back to the Honeywell wireless alarm control panel.

The Honeywell installation guide for the 5800Micra wireless recessed window contact states that the wireless window sensor can be used in all vinyl type windows and also in wood frame windows that are casement, awning, double-hung or access. While you can use the 5800Micra in a wooden window frame, you should not use the wireless contact in metal window frames as the metal frames will interfere with the transmitter's wireless transmissions.

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