Can disarm a GoControl from my smartphone?

Yes, has the ability to allow end users to disarm their security system from a smartphone! offers interactive services using an app on your smartphone and/or tablets. The app offers much more than remote arming and disarming. In fact, updates the application every Tuesday in order to stay on top of the newest, trending technologies. The development team is renowned in the security industry for taking the remote, interactive security experience to the next level. This commitment to be on the leading edge is not limited to the security interface. Where the app truly shines is the home automation features that allow you to control Z-wave lights, locks and thermostats. There is even a new geo-fencing technology where the app uses GPS on your smartphone to adjust the temperature and energy savings on your Z-Wave thermostat!

In order to enroll your 2GIG Go!Control in interactive services you will need to purchase and install a 2GIG ready cellular communicator. There are two models: the 2GIG GC3GA-A and the 2GIG GCCDMV-A. The GC3GA-A uses the 3G (HSPA) AT&T network while the GCCMDV-A supports the Verizon (CDMA) cellular network. There is a free app called, " Mobile Tech" which is designed to test the cellular signal strength of each network. The app will recommend one of these communicators based on the best cellular readings.

After you select the proper communicator, the radio needs to be installed in the GoControl panel. There is a multi-pin connector on the inside of the control panel where the device connects.After the cellular communicator that best fits the system's needs is installed, you will need to sign up for service with an dealer. The pricing may vary amongst dealers but we happen to offer no contract monitoring plans with free tech support, remote programming at competitive monthly rates!

**Please Note: These radios are only compatible in the United States. If you are Canadian, there is a Rogers based cellular radio called the 2GIG GC3GR-A. This unit offers services to anyone in Canada with 3G cellular signal on the Rogers network.**

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