Can I Add the ADC-VC736 to My Wireless Network?

Yes, you can add the ADC-VC736 to your wireless network. However, extra hardware is needed to do this. The camera does not support a WIFI network connection out of the box. The only way to get the camera onto a local WIFI network is to use an ethernet to WIFI converter like the ADC-W110.

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The ADC-VC736 is a large outdoor bullet camera that captures video at up to 1080p and offers an IR night vision range of up to 260 feet. It is an Security Camera that is designed exclusively with the platform. The ADC-VC736 is known for being one of the most powerful and durable outdoor security cameras available from It is mainly used by businesses, but it can also serve as an excellent camera for residential use if something extra strong is required.

Normally, the ADC-VC736 will connect with a local IP network using a wired ethernet connection. If your IP router supports power over ethernet (PoE), then this will also serve as a power source for the ADC-VC736. If the IP router does not support PoE, then you can add a PoE Injector like the ADC-POE-INJ. Another option instead of using PoE is to use a standalone power adapter and transformer. The recommended power supply for the job is the ADC-VACC-PWR-VC101.

One shortcoming of the ADC-VC736 is its inability to connect with a wireless network using its default hardware. Fortunately, you can overcome this issue with some additional equipment. By adding an ethernet to WIFI bridge, you can successfully pair the ADC-VC736 with your local wireless network. A good ethernet to WIFI bridge to use is the ADC-W110. This device will also supply power to the ADC-VC736 so that no standalone transformer is needed.

Setting up the ADC-VC736 with the ADC-W110 is very easy. Just be aware that you will need to run an ethernet cable from the ADC-VC736 to the ADC-W110. Start by plugging the ADC-W110 into an outlet that is within WIFI range of your IP router. Wait until the Power LED light on the device is blinking white. Then hold down the Communication Button on the ADC-W110 until the Communication LED light on the device is blinking green. This will take about 2 to 6 seconds.

Next, activate the WPS function on your IP router. The ADC-W110 will then connect to the WIFI network. This will take a few minutes. You will know that the connection is successful because the Communication LED light on the ADC-W110 will turn solid green. From there, you can run an ethernet cable from the ADC-W110 to the ADC-VC736 Camera. You will then be able to add it to your account. Make sure that you have an alarm monitoring plan that includes video surveillance, such as an Alarm Grid Platinum Plan.

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