Can 1 keypad arm/disarm all partitions on a VISTA?

The Honeywell VISTA P-series alarm systems (i.e. VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P and VISTA-21iP) all support multi-partition arming on an alphanumeric keypad. This feature will not work on a fixed english keypad. It will only work on an alphanumeric keypad like the 6160. In order to arm and disarm all partitions at once from a single keypad there are specific commands following a security code + 0. Assuming your user code has full access (enabled for all partitions) you can arm all partitions away, stay, night-stay, maximum and instant. Basically, you just enter a full access code followed by zero and then the button that corresponds to the arming command. See the lower section of the screenshot below for specific instructions.

For example, if you want to arm all paritions in stay mode (disable motions) then do the following: user code + 0 + 3 (stay). In order to arm away you would enter the user code + 0 + 2 (away).

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You would need to adjust the programming for any zones that are on partition 2, swapping them all to partition 1 would "disable" the second partition.
Can I disable my second partition on vista 20p by just disconnecting keypad? Will I have trouble with the sensors and motion after that? Thanks

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