Can I Cancel My Alarm Grid Security Contract?

Alarm Grid does not have any security contracts. Customers are free to cancel their service with Alarm Grid at any time, at absolutely no penalty. There are no cancellation fees, and a customer can always take their security system to a different alarm monitoring company if they desire.

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Alarm Grid has always been a no-contract alarm monitoring company. We do not lock our customers into any longterm service agreement. Any monitored customer can terminate their service at any time, with no questions asked. There are also no cancellation fees, so a customer can leave Alarm Grid at no cost at all. The system and all of their sensors are theirs to keep, and they can take the equipment to another alarm company if they ever want to receive monitoring services from somewhere else.

Customer freedom and flexibility has always been a top priority at Alarm Grid. We operate a business model where customers own all of their equipment, and they are in complete control of their alarm monitoring plan. There are no activation fees with Alarm Grid. A customer only needs to buy or finance their security equipment and pay their monthly monitoring fee. They will never be locked into any contracts, and they are free to leave at any time. All they need to do is contact Alarm Grid during normal business hours.

Customers stay with Alarm Grid because they are pleased with the level of service we provide. We provide top-quality monitoring services at a reasonable and competitive price. If a customer finds superior or cheaper service, they are certainly able to switch over. They can even bring their current Alarm Grid security system with them. Or if a user is ever dissatisfied with Alarm Grid, they are also free to leave.

However, we are confident that the service we provide is the best in the industry. While there are cheaper monitoring companies out there, they will not provide the same high-quality service and outstanding customer support that Alarm Grid offers. And very few alarm companies feature no contracts and no added fees like Alarm Grid. We give our customers the freedom to leave at any time because we know that they will not find a better alarm monitoring company anywhere else. We're completely confident that anyone who signs up with Alarm Grid will be extremely satisfied with the service they receive, and they will have no desire to leave our company any time soon.

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