Can I Change The Date/Time On A Lyric Security System?

Yes, you can change the date and time on a Lyric Security System. In order to accomplish this, you must first access the Master Tools Menu. Then select the option "Date Time". From this menu, you can adjust the date, time, Daylight Savings Time settings and the Time Zone for the system.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

Complete the following steps to change the date and time on a Honeywell Lyric Controller:

1. Enter the menu. Starting from the home screen of the system, press Security, then Tools, then enter in the Master Code for the system. This code is 1234 by default, but most users ultimately change this code. Choose the option "Date Time" in the bottom-left. The system will enter the Date Time Menu.

2. Adjust the date. Scroll through the different months and years to choose a date setting. Then choose the appropriate calendar date. Once you have set the month, year and day, press the down arrow on the right to continue.

3. Adjust the time. Start by pressing the "Clear" button in the bottom-left corner of the keypad. Next, enter in the desired time, starting with the 2-digit hours and followed by the 2-digit minutes. For example if you were entering in 4:20, you would enter in "0420". Then select either AM or PM in the lower-left corner. The selected option will have blue background to confirm that it is selected.

If you want, you can press the down arrow on the right to adjust the Daylight Savings Time and Time Zone settings. It is very convenient to adjust these options while you are in this menu. But it is completely optional.

4. Exit the menu. Press "Save" in the bottom-right corner to save the changes. To finish, press the picture of the house on the front of the panel to return to the main menu.

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