Can I Change The Volume On My Lyric Security System?

Yes, the volume on Honeywell Lyric Home Security systems can be adjusted.

To adjust the volume on a Lyric Security System, ( the system needs to disarmed), press the Setting icon (bottom right on Home screen) on the Home screen.

Select Voice and use the slider to adjust the volume. As the slider moves the Lyric will preview the changing volume.

When the volume has been adjusted to the desired level, select Save.

**Alarm signal volume is not adjustable and should not be confused with keypad volume. Alarm signals are controlled by the built in sounder.

In Settings, users can enable Chimes to have a protected zone either beep 3 times or select a tone sound when opened when the system is disarmed. Users can also program a voice announcement. Select Chime to enable chime sounds and voice annunciations. To mute all, de-select.

For chime sounds only, de-select Voice.

Press Save after any adjustments.


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