Can I Connect Lyric Round to Alexa?

Yes, you can connect Lyric Round to Alexa. An Alexa device is capable of controlling a Lyric Round Thermostat by using the Honeywell Lyric Skill. The user will need to enable the Honeywell Lyric Skill through the Alexa app and then sync their Honeywell Lyric account with the Alexa App.

When using an Alexa device to control the Lyric Round Thermostat, all of the information will essentially be passed through the user's Lyric account. The user will set up their Lyric account when they get started with the Lyric App. Most users will use the Lyric App when they are setting up their Lyric Round Thermostat.

In order to have the Alexa device interface with the user's Lyric account, the Alexa device will need to have the Honeywell Lyric skill enabled.This skill can be enabled through the Alexa App. Upon enabling it, the user will need to provide their Lyric account login information. This will sync the Alexa device with the user's Lyric account, which in turn syncs with the Lyric Round Thermostat.

Whenever a command involving the Lyric Round is made through the Alexa device, the command will then be passed over to the user's Lyric account. From there, the user's Lyric account will send the command to the Lyric Round Thermostat. Keep in mind that Total Connect is not used at all in this exchange of information, and everything will be relayed through the user's Lyric account.

In order to use Alexa to control the Lyric Round, you will need to specify the name of the thermostat that you want to adjust. The user will establish this name when they set up their Lyric Round through the Lyric App. Some of the common commands for the Lyric Round that can be performed through Alexa include setting the thermostat to a certain temperature, activating a certain heating or cooling mode, and checking the current temperature.

Note: The Honeywell Lyric App is now known as the Honeywell Home App. Also the Lyric Skill is now the Honeywell Home Skill. The pairing process and functionality is still the same.

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