Can I Connect to the Interlogix Simon XT w/ an iPad?

Yes, you can connect to the Interlogix Simon XT with an iPad. This is done using the Mobile App. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Please note that the Simon XT System will need to have an active cellular communicator before it can sync with is a special interactive service that is used with security systems. The service allows a user to remotely arm and disarm their system, check the status of their sensors and operate their Z-Wave devices. can be accessed either through a web browser or through the Mobile App. The Mobile App can be downloaded to an iPad from the App Store.

Once a user has downloaded the Mobile App, they can then can login to the service using their account. The user's alarm monitoring company should provide the necessary resources for creating an account. If you do not already have an account, check with your monitoring company about upgrading your monitoring plan to include the service. Make sure to choose an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular connectivity. If you have any questions about the monitoring plans we offer, please review our monitoring page.

Additionally, the Simon XT Panel will need to receive active cellular service before it can work with This will require a cellular communicator for the system. We recommend using either the AT&T LTE Communicator or the Verizon LTE Communicator. Both of these modules will connect the panel to an ultra-fast and incredibly reliable LTE network that should remain in active service for many years to come. The choice between AT&T and Verizon has nothing to do with your regular cellular service provider, and it will only affect your security system. We advise users to choose whichever service functions best in their area.

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